NEW FROM dragon 1/72 Sherman M4A3 (105mm) VVSS

Est Arrival: June 2018

Item Code: DRA-7569

The Medium Tank M4, better known as the Sherman, appeared in various forms throughout its stellar career with Allied armies. One of the lesser known variants is the M4A3 (105mm), of which five hundred were manufactured by Detroit Arsenal between April and August 1944. The 105mm howitzer gun was fitted so that the vehicle could serve in the close support role, rather than in the usual tank role. Precisely such a vehicle has now been re-introduced in 1/72 model kit form.

NEW FROM dragon 1/72 M4A4 Sherman

Item Code: DRA-7572

Est Arrival: June 2018

The M4A4 was produced by Detroit Arsenal and all vehicles had a three-piece bolted nose. It was powered by a Chrysler WC Multibank engine, which required the lengthening of the rear hull to accommodate it. Many M4A4 Shermans were delivered to the British. This kit offers decal markings for different vehicles, including units as diverse as the RHQ Hussars and the Chinese Provisional Tank Group in Burma. This M4A4 breaks new ground, and offers unprecedented options for discerning modelers.

June 2018 New product information

Branch of Banshu Series Triangle sword 【Yasushi Steel Yasushigane Yellow Paper】

Part number ……… TT114 Our shipping … 2018 06-05 sale day …… 2018 06-08 Body price … 4300 yen (+ consumption tax)

A sharp “triangular sword” with an angle of 35 degrees appears from the cutting edge series of Banshu!
A thick steel with a thickness of less than 2 mm is exactly a “sword”. Without swinging, you can reliably handle parting lines and edges.

Whetstone grinding wheel (length 50 mm) 【Inner grinding wheel # 1000 grain size】

Part number ……… TL107 Our shipping … 2018 06/05 release date …… 2018 06/08 around the main body price … 800 yen (+ consumption tax)

grindstone # 1000 grain size that combines grinding and polishing appears , which is exactly good from the grinding stone for sharpening grinding to the cutter whose sharpness has deteriorated !
It is easy to use grinding stone when sharpening a long blade with a cutting edge like a triangular sword.

Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution III

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20350 Our shipping … 2018 06/05 release date …… 2018 06/08 around the body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 73 full length model … 180.5 mm model full width … 71 mm

Third generation Lancer announced in 1995.
Characteristic styling that augments the aerodynamic characteristics is a popular machine in order to survive in WRC.
The kit reproduces the GSR equipped with comfortable equipment for running on public roads.
Mesh for front grill and masking seal for window are attached.

F – 104DJ Star Fighter “Air Self Defense Force”

Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 09700 Our shipping … 2018 06/07 release date …… 2018 06/10 around the body price … 2600 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 146 model total length … 367mm model full width … 160 mm

Reproduce the F-104 multi-seat type. This machine is the aircraft that was used as a training machine in the Air Self Defense Force.
Decal (marking)

  • Air Self Defense Force No. 83 Air Force No. 207 Squadron affiliation machine “001”
  • Others 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206 Squadron, experimental aeronautical team affiliation machine

Aichi B7 A 2 meteor reform “folding wing”

Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… CH41 Our shipping … 2018 06-07 sale day …… 2018 06/10 around the body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 137 model total length … 240mm model full width … 180 mm

Reproduce the main wing fold at etching · metal.


YF-19 “Macross Plus”
Product number ……… 65796 Our shipping … 2018 06/07 release date …… 2018 06/10 around the day of the main body price … 1300 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 34 model overall length … 92.5 mm model full width … 101.5 mm
YF-19 became pretty “Tamago Hikoki” with a crocodile!
Forming colors are three colors: ivory, gray, clear.
Difference pilot for Gum Pod and cockpit is included.
Assembly requires no adhesive.
Decal sets marking of Isam machine with coloring silk screen printing.
The package illustration is handled by Mr. Hideki Tenjin.

Matt Vihicle w / MAT female member

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… SP376 Our company ships … June 18, 2018 release date …… 2018 06/15/2010 Body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) Model total length … 172 mm Model full width … 67.5 mm

Defense organization appearing in “Ultraman who came back” This is a set of resin made figures for MAT
bicycle and
MAT female member Yuriko Hill held for patrol owned by MAT.
The prototype of the figure is handled by Mr. Tsujimura Satoshi.
Resin parts

  • 1/24 MAT female member (visor only clear resin)

“Area 88” F – 105 D Thunder Chief “Nguyen Van Chom”

Scale … 1:72
Item No. ……… 64764 Our company ships … June 20, 2018 release date …… 2018 06-15 around the body price … 2400 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 47 full model length … 284mm model full width … 154 mm

Martial arts of Professor Kaoru Shintani ‘Area 88′
kit of mercenaries’ original aircraft illustration package!
The 12th bullet “Tan Kin Bay’s Man eating tiger”,
Nguyen Van Chom’s F-105 appeared on 1/72 scale.
Decal (marking)

  • Aslan Kingdom Air Force Foreign Corps Base Area 88 belonging Nguyen Van Chom boarding machine

Lianyama No. I guided missile loading machine & Earthquake reclamation “Mainland defense”

Scale … 1:72
product number ……… 00987 Our shipping … 2018 06/14 sale day … …. 2018 06/17 day main unit price … 4600 yen (+ consumption tax)

Kawanishi H8K 1 two large type flying boat 11 type “high-truck transport machine a shikishima”

Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02273 Our company shipping … 2018 June 04 sale day … …. 2018 06/17 days around the main body … 8800 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 240 full length model … 398mm model full width … 528 mm

“Shijima Yokozuna 74” is a high-ranking transport machine for the reconstruction of the two type large flying boat 11 type, and it corresponds to
the fourth total of 13 th large boat (Increment prototype No. 3).
The wave suppression device “Uppushi” and the underwater stable fins on the underside of the boat are not mounted yet.
Additional Plastic Parts

  • Seats for senior official transport
  • Collecting exhaust pipe

Decal (marking)

  • Yokosuka Temple Supervision Attached Squadron affiliation machine “Shishima Yokosan 74” Yokohama Seaplane Base Station (1944)

Japan destroyer haze

Scale … 1: 700
product number ……… 466 Our company shipping … 2018 06/19 sale day … …. 2018 06-22 Body price … 1500 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 110 total model length … 169mm model full width … 15 mm

Kitayed out the morning tide destroyer “Kasumi” who participated in the Tian I No. operation with Yamato.
Reproduce the figure after strengthening anti-aircraft weapons in the late Pacific War.
The 25 mm single machine gun added to various parts of the hull has also been made into parts.
Mr. Kazuo Kato is in charge of package illustration.
Additional Plastic Parts

  • Pedestal for triple unit gun
  • Three type of explosion throwing machine
  • Bomb survivor trajectory etc.

Product Specifications

  • The 2nd Toner Squadron 21st Destroyer belongs to Tennoichi Operation (Yamato Okinawa Operations Special Operation) at the time of April 1945

Destroyer morning tide type detail up etching B (for haze)

Scale … 1: 700
product number ……… 30053 Our company shipping … 2018 06/19 sale day … …. 2018 06/22 the body price … 1000 yen (+ consumption tax)

Correspondence at the end of morning tide-type Pacific War Later Specification Vessel (Kasumi)


■ Bombardment loading station ■ Bomb explosion trajectory ■ Network for wind tower
■ Electrical No. 1 No. 3 Torpedo storage side wall ■ Skid beam
■ Boat davit ■ Handrail ■ Tilted ladder
■ Upright ladder ■ Watertight door ■ Stern signal light
■ Direction Detector (Loop Antenna) ■ Antenna Post
■ Reverse Search ■ Bow Flag Pole ■ Stake Flag Pole ■ Float etc

“Masked Rider” Takeshi Hongo Bike

Scale … 1:12
Part number ……… SP377 Our company shipping … 2018 Jun 19th sale day …… 2018 06-22 Body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) Model total length … 173.5 mm Model full width… 67 mm

“Masked Rider”
story started broadcasting in 1971 Takeshi Hongo (Masked Rider No. 1) who returned from the latter half of Europe
will commercialize motorcycles to board before transformation.
Impressive figure wearing a large cowling on the base vehicle Suzuki GT380B is
reproduced by adding new parts.
Additional Plastic Parts

  • Cowling parts
  • Windshield components

Mitsubishi F-2A “Flight Development Experiment Team” w / ASM-3

Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 02274 Our company shipping … 2018 06/21 sale day …… 2018 06/24 around the body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 148 model total length … 209mm model full width … 156 mm

Newly equipped parts ASM-3 and AAM-5 on 1/72 scale!
Air-to-ship missile ASM-3 checkerboard set decals.
Additional Plastic Parts

  • ASM-3 (× 2)
  • AAM-5 (× 4)

Decal (marking)

  • Air Self Defense Force Flight Development Experimental Group F-2 prototype No.2 “502” (Gifu base: 2017)

Nakajima Ki 43 complete fighter aircraft falcon type III “flying 64th squad

Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 07468 Our company shipping … 2018 06/21 sale day …… 2018 06-24 Body price … 4000 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 82 Model total length … 186mm Model full width … 226 mm

It is a feature of type III, cowling with increased roundness at the top, thrust type single exhaust pipe,
water methanol injection port set just behind the head rest, etc. are set with resin parts.
reproduced the marking of Major Mr. Hideo Miyabe who served as the last squadron in the 64th Squadron of the Flight famous as Kato Hayabusi Battle Corps .
Originally from Kumamoto Prefecture, he wrote the nickname “Aso” on the aircraft.
Resin parts

  • Cowling · Single exhaust pipe · Oil cooler · Wheel · Fuel pipe etc.

Decal (marking)

  • Flying 64th Squadron Squadron Hideo Miyabe Hideo Ara Majima “Aso” (Cambodia: May 1945)
  • Flight No. 64 Squadron Flight Commander Hideo Miyabe Captain Board “Aso” (Burma: 1944)

80’s Baby Girls Figure (2 pieces set)

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… FC 01 Shipping Company … June 20 , 2018 release date …… 2018 06-29 Body Price … 900 yen (+ consumption tax) Model height 70 mm

Ideal for car models in the late 1980s.
High quality modeling by Satoshi Tsujimura Sawara type! !
80’s culture Full open plastic model kit!

Polycarp I-153 “Soviet air force”

Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 07466 Our company shipping … 2018 06 月 28 日Release date …… 2018 0 July 1 day around the body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 100 model full length … 130 mm model full width … 208 mm

I-153 called by the name of Chaika from characteristic gull wing shape of upper wing is reproduced.
Detail of the aircraft and representation of the wing cloth are delicate and finished with a sense of cleanliness.
The engine cowl is divided into four parts, front, upper, left and right, and the engine is also finely built.
Two kinds of bombs × 4, rocket bullet × 8 are attached as armament for mounting the main wing lower surface.
(The parts are made by ICM.)
Decal (marking)

  • Soviet Naval Baltic Fleet Air Force No. 71 Combat Regiment
    Petr Viskup Major Leather Machine “Silver 102” (1942)
  • Affiliated unit unknown “Red 16”

STP Toyota 87C

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20351 Our shipping … 2018 06 月 28 日Release date …… 2018 0 July 1 day around the body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 82 full length model … 199mm model full width … 82.5 mm


In 1988, I participated in All Nippon Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championships, the
red, blue and white color scheme reproduces the stylish STP color Toyota 87C.
Decal (marking)

  • 1988 All Nippon Sports Prototype Car endurance championship participation car
    AutoViewk Motorsport Team CAR No.3

Etching parts for YF-19

Scale … 1:48
product number ……… 65794 Our shipping … 2018 6 – July main unit price … 2000 yen (+ consumption tax)

It is an etching part set for 1/48 YF-19.
For cockpit (main & side frame) is a partially painted and gorgeous specification!
Other than that, the side wall of the front legnail store, the main nozzle, the intake, the shutter of the wrist storage part,
the rectifying fin around the shoulder part, the fin at the upper part of the nose, the sub body intake, the canopy,
the sub thruster at the back of the aircraft Round mold etc. are
contents that can be upgraded!

Etched parts for VF-1 Valkyrie

Scale … 1:48
product number ……… 65793 Our company shipping … June, July 2018 Body price … 2000 yen (+ consumption tax)

It is an etching part set for 1/48 VF-1 for theater version / TV version.
For the cockpit (side panels, seat belts, etc.) some specially painted finish!
In addition, the main leg front cover, the inside of the vector nozzle, the main nozzle, the intake,
the shutter of the wrist storage part, the fin behind the back pack, the mesh of the air brake, the
fuselage sub intake, the shutter of the main wing movable part, the canopy,
Detailable content is available!


Today dispatch new product ~ Kanagi, Hiei wood deck · Metal barrel attached ~ Special ​​Battleships kits 1/700

It is an introduction of shipment new product today Today □ (* ゚ ∀ ゚ ゚ ゚ ∀ ゚ __) ♪ ♪!


1/700 Special 23EX-1 Japan Navy High Speed ​​Battleship Kanega Special Specification (wooden deck seal with metal barrel)

Vanguard Cruise Ship 1st Ship. For the first time on the main gun, 36 cm cannon was mounted,

At the time of construction, it was also claimed as the world’s strongest cruiser battle ship (* ‘-‘ *) Ejago
repeatedly refurbished and was active in the Pacific War for a long time (* one ▽ `) っ))) Ahahaha ☆


1/700 Special 37EX-1 Japan Navy High Speed ​​Battleship Hiei Special Specification (wooden deck seal with metal barrel)

The second ship of King Geumgang. Was completed at the Yokosuka Navy Yard in 1914 (≧ ∇ ≦)
London disarmament о that I was able to leave as a training ship the place to be discarded at the conference (ж> ▽ <) y ☆
again and again in such subsequent naval review It is a ship that honored the honor to serve as a ship of Emperor Showa ─ = ≡ Σ (((one · ω •)


Please do try it by all means (* ¯ ³ __ *) ♡ ㄘ ゅ

Summer of 2018 – Autumn Information on new products! ! ! ② + Summer of 2018 – Autumn Information on new products! ! ! ① / 9 new products/3D MODELS + NEW plastic parts AND MORE….

Summer of 2018 – Autumn Information on new products

I will make a car this summer and beat it!

“Toyota Alphard GF 3.5L”

Finally Appeared! 3rd Generation 30 Series Early PeriodSurprised Mark

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Alfred “3.5 L / GF” grade appears as a new mold following VELLFIRE!
● Color is developed in two colors. Two colors of popular “black” and “white” which also considered paint school.
● Window frames, emblems, roof moldings and other small parts

The color difference expression comes with a seal with excellent follow-up.

In the seal, together with “normal private white numbers” “ALPHARD”

“Green registration registered car number” will be included.

Emblem, number plate and other decals are sealed in parallel with the seal.

● The large plating grille on the front of the car body is a new mold part

Like plain cars are plated with resin to express it.

● Wheel is off standard Executive Lounge / GF / G grade

Shinki Hikari type appointed as a new mold.


“Suzuki Hustler (Pure White Pearl)”

Those who painted school have kept me waitingSurprised Mark

Reproduce the former standard before equipping the genuine option.
● Molding color is set with white color of “Superior paint finish” which can also make “white hustler”.
● In addition to the standard marks on the
decal, we plan to include a checkered decal and a side garnish to play like the real thing .
– To the body of white,
a special seal of the instrument panel · sheet edge is attached to reproduce the figure finished in the same color as the instrument panel of the room .


“Mazda Flare Crossover

(Pure White Pearl) ”

“Mazda Flare Crossover

(Active yellow) ”

XS grade 2 WD specification!  !

Reproduce the former standard before equipping the genuine option.
– Molding color is a shiny color tone that makes the real thing image, the bumper is
silver, the roof is color-coded gloss black (active yellow).
● Mazda emblem with exclusive parts appointed,
two color development of popular yellow and white molded color considering painting .

Completion size: total length of about 14 cm · total width of about 6 cm · total height of about 7 cm


“Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Yoonryu

【Deck of new design】

While flight deck paints latex tend to be monotonous,

Eye ring for airplane locking, ship hauling bracket, expansion band · joint etc.

We made sculpture expressions diverse, designed rich in information quantity.

· Concealed type exploring light, hidden ceremony No. 21 electric shooting can select storage state and expansion state.


【First Press Limited Award】 Includes two-piece 96-inch 25 mm machine gun!
Easily reproduce the gun metal of the barrel and the hull color of the base separately! !


① Mate two runners.

② Pour the adhesive into the bonded position aligned parts and flow the adhesive

③ completed! ! !

New products are dragging from summer to autumn!  !

Do not miss the future information

Today, this summer – fall

It is an introduction of new products scheduled to be released!

Ground Self-Defense Force deployment! !

Simultaneous offensive on 1/72 scale · 1/76 scale


“Ground Self Defense Force 87 self-propelled high fire aircraft gun”

From the 1/72 military series “87 AW” appears as a completely new mold! ! !
It is the main equipment deployment at lastSurprised Mark

– Welding traces of car body / turret and texture of non-slip surface processing are
reproduced inferior to 1/35 scale! !

· The search enemy radar can express the rotation state at the time of searching / tracking

· Tracking radar / search enemy radar can be stored / standing selectable

· Gun barrel can be raised

· Turret can be turned 360 °

· Two types of smoke bombs are stereoscopic, initial (3 shots) and late stage (4 shots)


1/76 Special World Armor Series

There are 2 new products from!

“Ground Self Defense Force 74 type tank reform (G type)”

New parts

We appointed additional parts dedicated to “reform” to the conventional 74 type tank! 2 sets.
● Infrared night vision equipment mounted on the left front of the turret is shaped based on horizontal mass production modified cars.
● Laser detector at the upper part of the turret, track guards to the starting wheels,
wiring from night vision equipment, mudguards appointed as separate parts.
– Side skirts attached to prototype cars are included.


“Ground Self Defense Force 74 Tank (with BATRA)”

New parts

2 sets. BATRA battle device appointed as a new mold! !
Launch / destructive lamp / Receiver unit (Detector) / Projector
● The bucket on the right side of the turret that reminiscent of the tank of the east camp is made into two parts.
● The decal includes evaluation support squad marks, and even red stars.
● Mudguard, added bucket is reproduced with new parts.


A new series of deformed appeared! !

Yes, it is a dinosaur. Everyone likes it, is not it?

The first one is Tyrannosaurus after all!


To 1/3000 military port series

【YOUKSUKA】 Toujo – Wo! ! !

“US military Yokosuka Higa base.”

Japan-US Navy gathered a key ship of a naval vessel “YOKOSUKA” to the Maritime Self Defense Force’s latest submarine,

Modeling the current figure with a helicopter destroyer!

The following new parts are attached!

US military base building parts 11 parts

Gantry crane

helicopter destroyer “Izumo-type” that is also the face of the Maritime Self-Defense Forces Escort Fleet is included

The Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine
“Jaru Shio type” “Oyashio type” “Sureuru type” 2 ships with two new ships are attached.


How was it?

The continuation will be announced in ②!


modelcollect new release on April of 2018 Kit:

UA72119 German MAN KAT1M1001 8*8 HIGH-Mobility off-road truck

UA72126 Fist of War German WWII E-100 Supper Heavy Tank “Nothung”

UA72139 Fist of War German WWII E-75 Ausf.Vierfubler “Einauge”[2 in 1]”Janus”

UA72128 Soviet Army T-64AV/BV 2 IN 1 Main Battle Tank

AS72105 Germany WWII V1 missile with launch ramp 1945

AS72106 WWII German Medium tank E50 with 88 gum (Medium turret type, Germany Grey), 1946

AS72107 Nato M1014 MAN Tractor & BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile

UA72202 USAF B-52G Stratofortress strategic Bomber is still under working, this month will finished test shot. we hope can release it in next month.

hasegawa NEW KITS FOR 10/04/2018-13/04/2018

Benetton B 190

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20340
Our company shipping … April 10, 2018
Release date …… around April 13, 2018
Body price … 2800 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 75
Model full length … 178 mm
Model full width … 87 mm

I reproduced the machine of the Benetton Formula team who participated in the 1990 F1 World Championship.
The veteran Nelson · Piquet was appointed as a driver, and we won the third overall team score.
The decal of the kit can also be selected at the 4th Monaco GP entry.


Decal (marking)

Japan No. 15 Grand Prix participation car champion Car No. 20 Driver: Nelson Piquet
2nd Car No.19 Driver: Roberto Moreno
Paint used for kit


Formula Driver Set

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20341 Our company shipping … April 10, 2018 release day … …. 2018 April 13 About the main body price … 1500 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 46

The figure set is also reselled as the F1 series resale!
As for the set contents, it consists of 2 types of drivers (standing pose, seated pose), 1 team supervisor,
2 sets each, so there are 6 sets in total.
The seated pose driver can select the presence / absence of a helmet.
Three types of helmets with different shapes, driver’s monitor used with pits, and
a transceiver for team supervision are included.

Paint used for kit


Shell Porsche 962C

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20337
Our company shipping … April 10, 2018
Release date …… around April 13, 2018
Body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 59
Model full length … 200 mm
Model full width … 83 mm

Pushing the image of “SHELL” all over, attractive red & yellow body color!
The Porsche Works team put in the 1987 WSPC 6th round,
“Shell color” 962 C reproduced the second place in the first race.
Wheel parts set speed line.

Decal (marking)

1987 World Sports Prototype Car Championship 6th Norris Link 200 Mile Racing Car
Porsche team Car No. 17 (2nd race 1st / 2nd race retired)
Paint used for kit

F-22 Raptor “Roll out”

Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 07467
Our company shipping … April 12, 2018
Release date …… around April 15, 2018
Body price … 6000 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 368
Model full length … 394 mm
Model full width … 282 mm

We will reproduce the first aircraft that was first announced at the factory of Lockheed Martin company in April 1997.
“Spirit of America” on the left side of the nose, “birds of prey” on the tail wings
It is a fuselage with special marking, marking the letters of “Raptor 01”.


Decal (marking)

First machine “Raptor 01: Spirit of America” (April 1997)

Maritime Self Defense Force escort ship “Hyper Detail”

Scale … 1: 700
Part number ……… 30051
Our company shipping … April 12, 2018
Release date …… around April 15, 2018
Body price … 4400 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 159
Model full length … 230 mm
Model full width … 30 mm


The third bullet of the Hyper Detailer of a Konjan – type escort ship.
You can enjoy a more precise sense of superior detail than super-detail
Etched parts are included!

Etched parts
Main mast phased array radar · Handrail · Exterior louvers · Watertight door parts etc.

Product Specifications

Missile destroyer ship “175” (2016)
Paint used for kit