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Hilson/Praga E-114B “Air Baby”

Praga E-114B “Air Baby”

DH-88 Comet “in RAF and Foreign Service”

DH-88 Comet “Mac Robertson Air Race 1/72


Z-37A Bumblebee 1/72


Zlin C-106 1/72


Lavočkin La-5FN


MiG-21 bis 1/72



hasegawa 1/72 E46 F – 35 Lightning II (Type B) “US Marine” FULL TEST KIT

From type 5 latest generation of stealth fighter “F-35”,
short-range takeoff vertical landing (STOVL) is possible B type kit with complete new mold.
Lift fan part upper door / lower door, engine part door etc .. opening and closing selection type.
Legs can choose between flight condition and parking condition.
The nozzle has a structure that can be removed, and it can
be moved by a rotating mechanism similar to the real machine!
By this, it is possible to reproduce the state at the time of departure (short-distance takeoff).
Frappelon, horizontal tail wing, vertical tail wing
realize a gorgeous detail expression by integrating with a slide mold.
One pilot figure (seating posture) with the latest helmet mounted and a
display stand are included.


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A page from the assembly mini book

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*** FULL MODEL ***

This is a very high quality kit
Brand new
Very detailed to detail items from the smallest to the largest
The accuracy of the kit is also very high
The kit is very rich
Beautiful to the eye and easy to assemble
Is considered one of the best players for this year
almost perfect

Giving great value for money and very enjoyable

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