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1/24 CW15 counterca LP 400 hama’s black leopard swamp stone island race specification # 12

The product is based on a simplified model without an easy-to-assemble engine .


Add a new decal number 12 and make it a gold style island race specification .

Gull wing door is a separate part, opening and closing is selectable .





1/72 F6EX-1 Air Self Defense Force F-4EJ

(Flight Development Experiment Team Special Marking 2017)

We will commercialize digital camouflage special marking machines that appeared at Gifu Base Air Festival as soon as possible!


Based on a slightly remaining unrepaired machine “EJ” “409” which was deployed at the flight development experiment team of Gifu base,

It is a special coating machine that appeared and was released at the Gifu Base Air Festival in November 2017 .



A new exclusive decal that is recorded centered on the digital camouflage pattern which is difficult to reproduce with paint is attached .

Camouflage pattern 3 colors “yellow green / brown / black” is included in the decal.


We also collect unit marks and aircraft number, caution data and walkway.


The character of “Kakamigahara Azabu 100th anniversary” on the lower side of the airframe is recorded.



Molding color is light gray on the top part and light gray molding on the bottom part,considering the base coating and main painting .

Mini poster of the aircraft which flew at the Gifu base air festival will be attached .


TM1EX-1 10 type tank special specification (tank guidance team)

Ground Self Defense Force Domestic Tank 4th Generation · The latest “10 type tank” comes with a limited decal for paint users !


Because it is a snap on kit, glue is unnecessary .


With multicolor molding and real seal, camouflage pattern can be reproduced even if it is unpainted .

The decal attached this time is the 1st tank battalion which can be said to be an elite unit with 10 type tanks deployed,

First Epoch Education Corps reorganized at the end of 2017 fiscal year,

Weapons school You can choose 14 both based on the vehicle you currently belong to in 2017 !

The decal records troops, squadron marks, armored furniture marks, “overtaking prohibited” indication etc.


The design is recorded so that it is easy to reproduce digital camouflage difficult with masking & painting.


Products can select specifications with dozer parts .

The upper and lower positions can be selected when installing the dozer part.

The gun barrel is integrally molded , and the muzzle part is opened by the slide type mold .

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