Black Panther Family Adds New Products

The Germans have always hoped to use the “Black Panther” instead of the IV tank as the main force of the armored units. In order to maintain the rhythm of the movement of troops, the Germans developed a series of derivative vehicles on the chassis of the Panthers. Among them are the famous tank sniper vehicles such as the “Cheetah”. At the same time, there are also some auxiliary vehicles that are unique in appearance and also indispensable on the battlefield, such as “Rescue Leopard.”


MENG SS-015 German Armored Rescue Vehicle Sd.Kfz.179 “Rescue Leopard” Type A is 237mm long and 98.6mm wide, with a total of 1143 parts. This model continues the design concept of the MENG “Panther” series. Bulldozers, booms, etc. are truly mobile. At the same time, the external details of the battle room and the cab can be selected in various forms, whether it is a single piece display or Matching scenes, MENG’s “Rescue Leopard” can become a good choice.

More details about our our 1/35 German Gedeckter Guterwagen G10

Molded on base of detailed factory drawings and excellent references provided us officially by LZ Models
We will show production sprues test build images soon, they will also include a few more PE parts not shown in these recent pictures
1/35 German Gedeckter Guterwagen G10
– 210 plastic parts (sprues 2xA,2xB, C, 2xD1, 2xD2) with slide and multi- side slide molded details
– accurately reproduced under carriage and air brake system
– faithfully reproduced wooden texture
– door can be assembled any any position
– optional appearance choices
– optional detailing levels to choose
– PE detail sheet, 7 decal options