Product information! ! "Open car Kumamonba"

Today I will introduce this item!


"Kumamon 6 Open Car Kumamon Space"


It is an open car of a deformed model that imaged Kumamon!


Body adopts black, wheels use red molded color
It becomes a product which condensed Kumamon into a tight jacket

Kumonmon riding in an open car is a new mold

You can choose from 4 types of mouth parts, 5 types of eyes

While referring to instructions on how to put your favorite place
Please paste itOK
You can arrange with a seal to make an original open car

Click here for seal

Also comes with monkey bear becoming solid for not for sale

Parts score is also less paint, adhesive is unnecessary.
Children and beginners are also easy to challengeAwesome

Please challenge and make it!  !

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Hasegawa Limited Resale 1/10 scale BMW R75 / 5

1/48 scale Plastic model
Japan Navy 1994 Athletic Reconnaissance Type 1 2 Type

The Navy focusing on the Army 's Ninety – seventh Headquarters Reconnaissance Unit, which was reputed to be high performance, adopted the Navy Ceremony and changed its specification to a naval ceremony, which is a 1998 Athletic Reconnaissance aircraft. He engaged in various reconnaissance missions (bombing guard, preceding reconnaissance, weather reconnaissance) which are important missions as well as battle.
Type 12 is equipped with the same Sakae engine as Zero Fighter Type 2 and active in various places including the guidance mission of the fighter unit in the Philippine Air Battle against the Pearl Harbor attack right after the attack. In the later Rabaul air fight we have also fulfilled the air fighting duties such as being told that the formation of the B – 17 heavy bomber was attacked and shot down with a No. 3 bomb.
In 1/48 scale plastic model, it is the first three-dimensionalization including the mounted No. 3 bomb. It reproduces in detail with the aircraft.

1/72 scale Plastic model 
Japan Navy Nine-seat monocle fighter renovation type

Ninety-six type fighter aircraft that was a main naval fighter before the zero battle was adopted. The prototype was a nine-nationally-sized fighter plane, and Jiro Horikoshi was made by a novel design that also leads to the later zero-fight design.Several types of aircraft shapes were sought as a prototype, but this kit reproduced a type with an inherent individuality, a reverse gull wing and a cowling with many protrusions among them. This type is a modification of prototype No. 1 machine, and photograph of real machine is still being told.
Naturally in the 1/72 scale model, it is the first modeling, and the fuselage and cowling different from those released in the model specialty magazine plan were recreated in the new mold.