Spring is the season of dolphins ☆ Mi

Well today I do not have timeASEASE

Even if the work is over it does not end but I must head east ~

I have a bit of What?news coverage tomorrow !  What?. It means that we have to move to full from early in the morning, it is a local ride.


That’s why I’d like to introduce a new product to be sold in June this time with Chachach this week, but I will postpone it next week …




Today, I went to see the dolphin who was just completed earlier and it was a masochaDolphin


Alongside black identical twins …

This is completely before-afterTaller

Dolphin, why do not you make it like a spec?Rungnun


In fact, the beautiful dolphin’s real cars newly created here and there around in many cases have a shutter or a demon grille in many cases, but for me who was an elementary school student in the ’80s, the yearning’s admiration was the latest machine, beehive It was a grill dolphin.

Especially the face painted on this gold is impressive.

In the world of Decorato, since it will be replaced by a plating grill at first, existing cars are very few, and there are few examples of beehive grilles in the world of plastic models, I think that it is an unpopular class, but now look at dare It is nostalgic when I see it and I think that it is a monkey. After all the FS63 decal

Is it a point? If there is this, it will tighten up.




So, this dolphin dump is not made by play, it is a fairly ogle mode.

That is why I will not tell you the details yet, but I will post information at our online shop next week, so if you are interested please check it out.



By the way, at our online shop, we started selling in spring

It is out of stock at a little more, it is likely to be sold out completely.

Since the possibility of reproduction is unlimitedly low in this series, those who are interested should purchase within now by all means.


Even if it is told after sold out it is too late …



Today’s phrase

I do not think we will have forever Plastic model

So this week this is the end.

See you next Friday