SOON FROM hasegawa-model Hitachi Construction Machinery Wheel Loader ZW 100 – 6 FULL MODEL

Scale … 1:35
Part No. ……… WM 04 Our company shipping … July 10, 2018 release date …… 2018 0 July 13 Body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) Model total length … 182 mm Model overall width … 68 mm

Hitachi Construction Machinery's "Wheel loader ZW 100 – 6" finally comes out in the popular construction machine series latest work!
Wheel loader is
a multi-player of construction machines active in various fields such as construction site, agriculture, livestock industry, forestry, snow removal and so on.
Kit is precisely reproduced with completely new development based on actual interview material.
The lift arm moves vertically, the car body moves left and right with the center hinge.
Part color is 4 colors (orange · black gray · light gray · clear).
The tire can be rotated with rubber, poly cap.
One female operator (prototype production: Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura) in a seated posture is included.


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1/700 FHSPOT 27 Japan Navy Heavy Cruiser Maya Full Hull Model with Dock

Set of 3rd ship Maya and dock of the Kaohsiung Heavy Cruiser!


In 1945, you can reproduce Maya at the time of the battle of Leyte who replaced the third turret with a high angle cannon.



You can reproduce docks that can be used for creating scenes of ship models.

The dock is about 298 mm in total length and 140 mm in width.

A set of pedestal parts and pillars / cranes that reproduces the dock that holds the ship being built is a set.


It expresses a complicated appearance such as a huge bridge bridge, the added anti-aircraft weapon, the central part of the ship's center with a gun seat at the center.