So .. and Cmelda is among us … After three years of waiting, promises and delay, we have finally finished the model of this iconic powder, which
he really knows, perhaps without being a fan of aviation. The first model for this model from Bohemia did not fall … the other from abroad also did not … the
third artwork over which I sat myself fell as it is seen from several photos from the test building.

The construction is seamless, small fitting and refinement is a modeling routine. Completing the flap and slot system will test our
modeling skills, but the result is a bit of effort. In fact, the bumblebee is covered with various wadding, treadmills, mirrors, wires and hoses.
This is what we have deliberately limited on the model in terms of model and technological simplification. Here is a great space for small-scale


1/32 Do335 B-6 Night Fighter release!


Over the last couple months, we are very busy with the heavy bomber projectand almost forget our 1/32 Do335 B-6 Night fighter is ready for release next week. I must said that the most beautiful variant of Do335 is Night fighter variant, the over size antennas, 2 seats, flame dumpers, drop tanks. And the superb unusual camouflages and color scheme. I believe you will like to like it. I wish everyone enjoy the World Cup by the weekend


Marking/superb unusual camouflages and color scheme