New product information for September! ! ! Alphard / MO strategy

Today 's new product information on September is banned today

We will introduceAwesomeStar

Toyota Alphard GF 3.5L (Black)

"Third Alphard / 30 Series Early Type"

Black is an additional lineup!


In 2015, it appeared by the full model change for the first time in 6 years from the 20th previous alphard. In December 2017 the late model which was partially improved also appeared and it became "the finest minivan"

It is reigning.


A type of kit that assembles without using an adhesive in a snap-fit ​​type assembly design.

□ The product is a gasoline car / 3.5 L of GF grade motif.

□ Body black is reproduced with molded color, dedicated glossy strong

It is designed to be completed without painting with molding material.

□ Color difference expression of fine parts such as window frame, emblem, roof molding etc.

A seal superior in followability is attached so that it can be done easily.

In the seal, together with "normal private white numbers" "ALPHARD"

"Green registration registered car number" will be included.

Includes the hybrid car emblem as a service.


MO strategy Coral sea battle set


Footsteps of US-Australia shutdown,

Capture the important port Moresby!


Linoleum covering under the flight deck, truss shape of arrival signs,

We are giving fine reproductions such as high angle cannon with shield on the starboard rear side!


New mold "Aircraft Carrier Sho F the" and "Heavy Cruiser Aoba Type" are on 1 / 3,000 scale

Fleet set at the time of the coral naval battle that occurred in the attached Showa era 17!

■ Naval warfare occurred mainly by the Japanese Navy during the Pacific War

It is a series that can easily reproduce the organization with strategy with multiple ships.

■ Painting is mainly done with brush painting, easy to assemble with a minimum number of parts!

■ The ship is a snap-fit ​​design with no adhesive.

□ Products are MO mobile units centered on Shozuru and Ruisuru,

It is set with major ship of capture unit centering around Sho Feng and Aoba / Kinugasa.

□ Plate stand imitating the sea surface decorating completed ships and Solomon archipelago

Land to make images come with land.





Acclaimed reservation is in progress!


See you next time

Shipped today! Notice of new products ♪

I will introduce the NEWnew products shipped todayNEWSurprised Mark


1/24 ISD 16 Nobuhiko Altezza

Popular Initial D-series of Nobuhiko's favorite car

It is a kit that can reproduce SXE 10 AltezzaGlitter


Products include front spoiler, side step, rear wing, wheel,

It was reproduced with comic specifications such as side mirror and muffler chip .


Pirelli ZERO is attached to the tire .

The front wheels are steered and the rear wheels are rotated specifications.


The interior is molded in a bathtub type and can be easily assembled.


A special decal is attached

Tomorrow will also ship 2 new products of initials DSurprised Mark


1/24 ISD 7 180 SX Kenji


1/24 ISD 15 Integra Type R Smiley Sakai