Shipment new today – Special Zuiho special specification –

We introduce new products shipped today (▰ 하◡ ▰ ▰ ▰)


1/700 Special 87EX-2 Japan Navy aircraft carrier Zuiho Showa 19 years

Special specification (with camouflage flight deck decal)


Easily reproduce the characteristic green flight deck camouflage paint at the end of Rui Feng! !
A decal of camouflage flight deck which only available here is newly created to show it in a special specification set (゚ ∀ ゚ *)
besides the aircraft carriers at the battle of the shore of No Engano

The flight deck painted in camouflage can be reproduced W ━ ヽ (* ‘Д `*) ノ ━ !!!!


Please make it by all means (* ¯ ³ __ *) ♡ ㄘ ゅ

ICM NEW Kits in process


Night King (100% new molds)

MODEL KIT No 16201
Scale: 1:16


S.W.A.T. Team Fighter №4

MODEL KIT No 24104
Scale: 1:24


Standard B Liberty, WWI US Army Truck (100% new molds)

MODEL KIT No 35650
Scale: 1:35


Ju 88С-6, WWII German Heavy Fighter

MODEL KIT No 48238
Scale: 1:48


Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.A with German Infantry

MODEL KIT No 35103
Scale: 1:35

New Items FOR 26/06/2018 + Scheduled to be released



W208 “1/700 US Navy Light Cruiser CL-55 Cleveland” (W 208)

During the World War II, the Cleveland grade was the most heavily cruised ship and 27 vessels were completed. Originally, there were 52 construction plans, but nine were built as a light aircraft carrier class Independence grade, the last model was improved and it became Fargo grade It was also the representative hull of the time. The primary class was completed in June 1942, the first ship Cleveland as an improved version of the front type Brooklyn grade. The relatively compact upper structure and the ship that reinforced the anti-aircraft weapon have given a smart impression. Moreover, it is divided into the former type and the latter term type, and the former type 7 vessels are of the type which made the front of the bridge bend round. After the commissioning, Cleveland of the name ship was immediately put into the Pacific War, sailing down the Japanese Navy ‘s successful battle ship Mizumo, raining the rain, and participating in various landing operations, etc.

· Newly added parts: ship bottom for full hull, hose pipe, port ladder and others
· OS 2 U King Fisher observation machine × 2 machines
· 2 new decals: Cleveland grade early type 7 ship number with ship name decal
(CL – 55 Cleveland / CL – 56 Columbia / CL – 57 Montpirier /
CL – 58 Denver / CL – 60 Santa Fe / CL – 62 Birmingham / CL – 63 Mobile)
· Offshore / full hull model selectable
· 1 crown
· total length: 265 mm
· Old part number “W22 Renewal of ”

Package size: 13 × 29 × 3
Weight: Approx 200 g

Main unit price: 3,800 yen
JAN code: 4986470019581
Shipment planned for July 2018

Scheduled to be released in July 2018

Some upcoming Tamiya motorcycle re-releases

14029 1/12 Suzuki RG250F Full Options
14034 1/12 Suzuki GSX 750S New Katana
16001 1/6 Honda Dream CB750 Four


I will do it.

Battle against Senegal.

Oh, I drew.

I thought that it would be crushed around 0-3.

It became stronger. Japan representative ,,,,,

It is wonderful. Next is Tennozan

Battle against opponent. Do your best! !



It is an etching postscript which enters kit of 10 type tank.