Shipped today! Notice of new products ♪ FULL KIT 1/350 SHIP

I will introduce the NEWnew products shipped todayNEWSurprised Mark



1/350 Ship 15 Maritime Self Defense Force Helicopter equipped escort ship pulls

In collaboration with the US military it is possible to reproduce the latest flight deck marking corresponding to the landing ship of Osprey!

Updated the decal attached to the latest pattern !
It contains the latest deck marking including the 5th destination shot.
Differences such as the presence of dotted line on the elevator frame for the weapon mounted on the front different from the first ship are also reproducible.
The marking and notation of a ship-mounted helicopter and equipped vehicle are included.
The elevators in front and behind can also reproduce the descent state.
The bridge bridge is made as a one-piece molded part using a slide mold.
Shipboard helicopter SH – 60J and K type and MCH – 101.
UH-60J on land and Osprey are included.

The colored crew of the same scaleis attached for the first time only .
(Pilot, marshaler – crew including maintenance person)

Regarding the crew, I will tell you in detail on May's blog ↓ ↓

A colored crew, introduce a new design!



This crew belongs only to the initial productionSurprised Mark


Moreover, with a design different from the colored crew selling individually,

Reproducing the escort ship crewSurprised Mark


As the last chance to get it, please purchase as soon as possibleHey!Hey!





Spring drama came to the final round one after another, it was an inochi who was driven by loss feeling ~Wild boar

Introduction of popular NEXT series August new product Alphard

Good evening!

New products released in August Alphard

Development is progressing!

Today it was finished.

Package · seal · decal · finished product

We will introduce it! !

Illustration of the package

A series of night view of Rainbow Bridge!

It is a finish with a sense of quality.

From the package you can see the contents of the parts split!

Alphard is a car NEXT series!

Painting is unnecessary by reproducing color coding by multicolor molding and sealingA

The sticker is here.

Sales vehicle number and

As a bonus also the notation of hybrid

I am recording d (> _ ·)A


Decal is also included for paint users.

Seal that reproduces the black window frame just attached is attached.

Here also paint factions are designed to be used as maskingA

The finished product is ~

Oops, I forgot the positive picture.

I will be back tomorrow o (· `д · '.)!

see you

Next time it was May – ('▽ `) ノ