NEW FROM Dragon Models 1/35 M132 Armored Flamethrower (Smart Kit)

EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195836212
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 6/27/2018
EST ARRIVAL: August 2018

Dragon has added another 1/35 scale kit to its growing M113-based family. This time the subject is the M132, which was a flamethrower version of the famous armored personnel carrier (APC). The 10.58-ton vehicle looks similar to a regular APC, but the cupola atop the hull features an M10-8 flamethrower alongside a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun. This turret could traverse 360º. Internally, the rear compartment was taken up by an M10 fuel and pressure unit plus four spherical 50-gallon fuel tanks. This amount of fuel was enough to fire a jet of flame for 32 seconds out to a maximum distance of 200m. The vehicle, often nicknamed the “Zippo”, was widely used in the Vietnam War.

As would be expected, this M132 Flamethrower is based on currently available M113 chassis accurately built to 1/35 scale. However, the hull has been suitably modified with a set of new parts suitable for this specialist vehicle. This includes a brand new M10 turret containing the flamethrower and machine gun. Of course, the interior has been completely refurbished too. The four tanks for the napalm fuel are all installed inside. New, too, are brackets to protect the antenna bases. This 1/35 scale kit of the M132 Flamethrower lights up numerous opportunities for modelers wishing to create a Vietnam War vehicle, or to perhaps fit it into a dramatic combat diorama.

J82 "1/700 Maritime Self Defense Force Escort Ship DD-119 Asahi"-Scheduled to arrive in September 2018

DD – 119 "Asahi" is a state – of – the – art escort ship launched in October 2016 as a reform "Akitsuki" type general purpose escort ship, commissioned in March 2018. While the hull is based on the "Akitsuki" type, the captain has been remodeled extensively. Although it is a general-purpose escort ship with balanced performance in anti-aircraft, anti-ship, anti-submarine and other aspects, while the "akizuki" type respects air defense tasks, this ship places the main duty on defense against anti-submarine It is.

· SH-60K patrol helicopter × 1 machine included
· Full hull model / offshore model selectable
· 1 shipping
· total length: about 218 mm

Package size: 13 × 29 × 3
Weight: 150 g

Main unit price: 3,500 yen
JAN code: 4986470019550

TRUMPETER 2018-08 New Products Notice

German Leopard G tank 
ratio: 1/16 Number: 00928


Russian Tu-128M "Cello" Interceptors : 1/72 Number: 01687


Russian T-72B3 main battle tank

Proportions: 1/35 Number: 09508

Destroyer of the British Royal Navy "Exeter"

Ratio:1/350 Number:05350


Russian T-34/85 tank

Ratio: 1/72 Number: 07167


US M4A3E8 Tank – 105mm M4 Gun Tube

Proportions: 1/72 Number: 07168


OS2U-1 "Kingfisher"

Proportion: 1/200 Number: 04201


KA-27 "Snail" Helicopter

Proportion: 1/200 Number: 04202


Germany Ar196

Proportion: 1/200 Number: 04203

B-25 Mitchell

Proportion: 1/200 Number: 04204

F4F Wildcat

Proportion: 1/200 Number: 04205


TBD "bearer"

Proportion: 1/200 Number: 04206


Royal Navy Seahorse Seaplane

Proportion: 1/200 Number: 04208