1/32 Super Cub Collection (8 pieces BOX)


The world's most beloved bike, appearing in custom!

A colorful custom cub appears on 1/32 scale! I reproduced the characteristic leg shield and bomber muffler. Since it is a finished product toy, you can decorate it immediately after taking it out of the box and play it. There are 8 kinds of lineups.
All line types 8 types (secret 1 type)
· Blue 
· Yellow 
· Red 
· Ivory 
· Orange 
· Black 
· Purple 
· Secret 

total length: about 60 mm
Material: ABS · PVC
· Super Cub main body: 1 unit

Price: 1 piece 500 yen (tax not included), 1 BOX 4,000 yen (excluding tax)

The main body of this product is a licensed product of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Because some copyright application is under way, actual product may differ from specifications.
※ This product becomes Honda Giken Kogyo's permission, and it becomes the specification fitted with body color and optional parts etc which is not manufacturer genuine.

Monthly Armor Modeling】 Please pay attention! ! Fully New Design / New Mold Type 1/72 Ground Self Defense Force 87 type self-propelled aircraft gun

In commercialization, Fujimi model and armor modeling combine tags to form a three-dimensional! 1/72 scale first commercialization, aim for definite model Planning cooperation: Armor modeling


87 AW Not only the visible part but also the bottom part of the invisible car and the back side of the search radar are reproduced without difficulty!

It is reproduction

Today is an announcement of remanufacturing (NO ゚ ゚ ゚) ノ


Chibi Maru 17 Chibi Maru Fleet I-400 Type Submarine 2 Set

A submarine is entering the Chibi Maru fleet!

Chubu rounded I-400 type submarine equipped with aircraft!

It also reproduces the storage tube, it comes with three storms of deployment and storage status (° ∀ °) b

Ship name display seal with I 400/401/402/404. It is a multicolor molding / snap kit o (〃 ^ ▽ ^ 〃) o

Mechanics under car maintenance are reproduced on 1/24 scale!
It is possible to create 4 figures ('艸 `)


You should make it (. + · `Ω · ') killer


It seems to be a day of soft cream today (ㆁ ω ㆁ *)

Chibimo likes strawberries ♥- ('ε `●)


Milk soft cream? chocolate? Do you have a favorite taste?

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