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Hitachi Construction Machinery Wheel Loader ZW 100 – 6

Scale … 1:35
Part number ……… WM 04 Our company shipping … July 10, 2018 (on sale) Release date…… 2018 0 July 13 Body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) Model full length … 182 mm Model full width … 68 mm

Hitachi Construction Machinery's "Wheel loader ZW 100 – 6" finally comes out in the popular construction machine series latest work!
Wheel loader is
a multi-player of construction machines active in various fields such as construction site, agriculture, livestock industry, forestry, snow removal and so on.
Kit is precisely reproduced with completely new development based on actual interview material.
The lift arm moves vertically, the car body moves left and right with the center hinge.
Part color is 4 colors (orange · black gray · light gray · clear).
The tire can be rotated with rubber, poly cap.
One female operator (prototype production: Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura) in a seated posture is included.
Decal (marking)

Paint used for kit

VF – 31F Siegfried Messer Machine / Hayate Boarding Machine w / Ril Draken "Theatrical Version Macross Δ"

Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 65844 Our company shipping … July 10, 2018 release on sale date…… 2018 0 July 13 Body price … 4600 yen (+ consumption tax)

Reproduced the VF-31F mesa machine which drew "death god" on the top of the fuselage.
When Lil · Draken equipment is equipped (Hayate boarding machine), it
is possible to select a mesa boarding machine when Lil · Draken is not equipped.
When equipped with Lil Draken, the main wing outer wings are variable downward, the tail wings are variable inside,
and new mold parts are added to reproduce the position. Macross stand included.
The package illustration is handled by Mr. Hideki Tenjin.
Additional Plastic Parts

  • Head for F type
  • Position changed wing + tail wings

Decal (marking)

  • Chaos Laguna 3rd Fighting Aviation Group ___ Platoon belonging
    Lil · Draken Equipment: Hayate · Inmelman boarding machine
  • Messer · Erefelt boarding machine

Today dispatch new product ~ over fender set 74 type tank (reform) ~

Introducing the new products shipped todayNico Nico


1/24 GT31 over fender set 1


Popular remodeling parts familiar with the highway road racer series,

Overfender set comes back with garage & tool series! It
is a set of fender parts for automobile tuning (* `▽ '*) No. 1 – 4 of the U – Hyo Hyoro
highway racer series has become a set (*' エ` *) ___ ___ ___ 0
Round fen, horn fen and over fenders including over 10 types!
"Yayoi" "Shadow" "Camion" and other designed decals included o (〃 ^ ▽ ^ 〃) o



1/76 SWA23 Ground Self Defense Force 74 Tank (Reform)


Impression of capacity improvement was improved as a few of the phantom 74 type tank reform (prototype car) and G type

"74 Tank" Reform "commercialized! ┏ (^ o ^) に Apply
additional parts dedicated to "reform" to the conventional 74 type tank! A two-inch (1 ° 76 °)
1/76 scale with well-balanced collection property and shape reproducibility,

Military Series Continuing on the successive Japanese tanks of the Ground Self Defense Force "61 ceremonies" "74 ceremonies" "90 ceremonies"

"74 formula renewal" added to the lineup ─ = ≡Σ (((one · ω •)


Please do make it by all means (* ¯ ³ __ *) ♡ ㄘ ゅ

This is terrible

It is currently under development mock.

It closely resembles an Akuki type, but it is quite different.


In this time, I tried to devise a division.

I want to see a test shot as soon as possible.


Please wait for a while.



My death lasted from last week.

Britain said that BCR's Alan Longmuir – will die! !

It was the coolest thing in BCR.

If Alan was not there, BCR could not be done.

You must have been sick.

Thank you for good memories of the youth.


And Mr. Takeshi Kato.

You are from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Monday at 8 pm, "Ooka Echizen" and "Mito Komon"

Bright nation ~ Bright national starts with,,,

Offered by Matsushita Electric,, It is not Panasonic ,,,

Mr. Takefui Mr. Iori's role ,,,

It was a good time.


We pray for the souls.

Some of you may have already noticed information about Miniwing's 1/144 scale L-159 Alca kit

As we are closely cooperating with Miniwing on this kit, here is an overview of all release versions. Of course, the primary releases will come from Miniwing itself. With one exception, they will all be packed in a plastic bag (like previous Miniwing releases, e.g. Cessna O-1, Global Hawk or Texan). Those versions, labeled "budget edition", will cover all the current L-159 operators. The "bag" will contain the plastic sprues, PE fret with necessary antennas and decals for one marking option (the Czech budget kit can be built in two alternative versions of the marking, though). This helps to keep the price down, hence the "budget edition".

As a special item, Miniwing will release a boxed "special edition" kit focused solely on the Czech Air Force service. Apart from the sprues and necessary PE, the kit will also contain a decal sheet with choice of four marking options from different eras of the L-159A service and a special resin weapons set (including the Plamen canon pod). Of course, this edition will be a bit more expensive but on the other hand, it will bring much more added value.

The last two items in the overview are ours. At the same time as Miniwing, we will release two limited edition reboxes of the kit. The first one will be focused on the factory prototype of the L-159A and the second on the popular "Spitfire" Alca — L-159A no. 6053 commemorating general František Peřina, Czechoslovak WWII fighter ace and patron of the 212th Tactical Squadron flying L-159s. This version will offer the choice of two versions of the marking — the flight (duty) marking and the display marking containing the complete RAF insignia. We will introduce both limited edition kits at the end of the summer holidays.

And last but not least — if everything goes well, all the versions of the kit (including our LEs) will have their sales premiere at Eday in Lysá nad Labem at the end of September.36863496_1891321070912480_5849884738646441984_n