List of new products:


HAULER   HO (1/87)-stavebnice-construction kits

HLR87193   BMW R 69 w. Steib LT 200 r.1956

HLR87194   JW 250 ,,Kývačka‘‘  r.1956 w. sidecar Velorex 560

HLR87195   DShK 12,7mm tank heavy machine gun (2pcs)

HAULER   TT (1/120)-stavebnice-construction kits

HTT120070  BTR-60 armored car

HTT120071  Fuel cans

HAULER   1/72 -stavebnice-construction kits

HLP72026   A30 Challenger

HLP72027   AEC Dorchester

HAULER   1/72 AFV -lepty-photoetched parts

HLH72076   VAB 4×4 (Heller)

HLH72077   DUKW (Italeri)

HLH72078   Praga RV (First to Fight kit)

HAULER   1/48 AFV -doplňky-accessories           

HLX48386   Hanomag SS100 (TAMIYA)

HLX48387   Plastic Crates

HAULER 1/35 AFV -universalni sety-universal sets

HLU35107   Well

HLU35108   US Ammo Box cal.0.3


BRENGUN 1/72 -plastikové stavebnice-plastic kits

BRP72031   Mustang I

BRENGUN 1/144 -doplnky-accessories

BRL144137  F-100D Vacu Canopy (F-toys)

BRL144138  Bac Lightning II Vacu Canopy(F-toys/Platz)

BRL144139  F4U Corsair / F6F Hellcat wheels (five types)

BRL144140  C-130 Hercules wheels

BRENGUN 1/144 -stavebnice-construction kits

BRS144036  GaZ-69

BRS144037  Fieseler Fi-103 / V-1

BRENGUN 1/72 -doplnky-accessories

BRL72145   USAF Seatelts

BRL72146   C-130 flaps (Italeri)

BRL72147   C-130 wheel set (with disc brakes) (Italeri)

BRL72148   Ki-61-Id Hien Flaps (Tamiya)

BRL72149   Breguet 693 (Heller / Směr)

BRL72150   USAF bomber re-supply  set (Airfix)

BRENGUN 1/48 -doplnky-accessories

BRL48094   Structure elemets ver.1

BRL48095   Structure elemets ver.2

BRL48096   Spitfire 3 spoke wheels set (3 types of tires)

BRL48097   Spitfire 4 spoke wheels set (3 types of tires)

BRL48098   Spitfire 5 spoke wheels set (3 types of tires)

BRENGUN 1/32 -doplnky-accessories

BRL32030   Japanese 250kg bomb with rack

Dos Seta came! !

Finally, next week's release came close.


Mass-produced products came.

It is not a color plastic, but the molding color is changing.


This time the chimney was slide type.

Match it.

Although I have an aircraft,

The only instructions for assembling are the walruses.

The protagonist is 99 bombers! !

Let's line up with Hermiz! !


Release it !,

It is not, it is not, it comes out,

I will accept it seriously.



We corrected the opening of the torpedo launcher tube of Exeter.


The World Cup ended.

It was a fantastic fight this time.

You made me think.

Country size, population, GNP, GDP

Irrespective of the size of


Look at Croatia! !

You should practice it.

Aging, population decrease! ! All right, young people

If you go, you can do it.


You fought well for Belgium, 3rd in the competition.

Japan representatives! ! Suga – chan.


The winning candidates Brazil, Germany, Portugal,

Such as Australia

As a powerful country is losing out,

England, France, where generational change was successful

I pulled out. I am looking forward after four years.


I do not know what director will take office,

A little glimpse of the style "Japanese soccer -".

Please do not stick to the mold and extend the good part.


Next let's aim for the best 3! !

I can do Japanese people.