fujimi UPDATE 22/07/2018

1/76 Ground Self Defense Force 74 Tank Reform 74 Appoint new mold parts dedicated to revision Reproduction with a phantom skirt that was completed only trial production Decal is a capacity enhancement type 74 rebuilt type, including all four car numbers Never need to investigate and collect rose figures! Affiliation also holds current and past units. Now On Sale!

Today dispatch new product ~ Mazda flare crossover ~

Introducing new products shipped today Today (@ ° ▽ ° @)


1/24 car NX 4 Mazda flare crossover (pure white pearl)

Mazda's third flare series "Suzuki Hustler" based on "Crossover" commercialized!
With lightweight crossover SUV, Suzuki Hustler 's OEM specification car (∩ · ∀ ·) ∩
There are differences in the front grille and rear Mazda emblem etc (*' ω `*)

゚ · *: ……: * · ゚ ゚ · *: ……: * · ゚ ゚ · *: ……: * · ゚ ゚ · *: …… : * · ゚ · · · · · · ·:: * · ゚ · · ·: ……: * · ゚ ゚ · *: ……: * · ゚ ゚ *: .. ….: * · °


1/24 car NX 4 EX – 1 Mazda flare crossover (active yellow)

Mazda's third flare series "Suzuki Hustler" based on "Crossover" commercialized!
With a lightweight crossover SUV, Suzuki Hustler 's OEM specification car (* ゜ ▽ ゜ ノ ノ ☆
There are differences between the front grille and the rear Mazda emblem etc. (¯ ▽ + ¯ *)
molding color the real thing Luster shiny color tone, bumper silver,

The roof is color-coded gloss black v (. · Ω ·.) ♪ ♪


Please do make it by all means ♥('ε `●)


That was from Chibi Moe who became a muscle pain when playing on consecutive holidays! (T ∇ T;)

2018 fall to be released of

1/72 Military Series

Ground Self Defense Force 87 self-propelled aircraft gun

I will introduce a test shot as it is completedSurprised Mark



We will research and commercialize the late model which is deployed in the 3rd Squadron of Shimazu garrison sono shooting school as a motif

Part split is like this ↓

Body adopts sliding mold to reproduce side exhaust outlet and welding traces


The turret also integrates complicated shapes with slide dies and also consider ease of making

Expressions of "welding marks", "non-slip" and "mesh" at various parts of the car body and turret are entering


1/35 reproduced without the inferior to the scale we are

In conjunction with the turret , a circular follower radar gimmering with a gimmick

Following radar is inverted , search radar is allowed to fall


This makes it possible to reproduce the appearance when traveling on a public road or while traveling

Please pay attention to the track!


Concatenation formula → cumbersomeGuruguru

Belt → not realisticStuffy


That's why, while integrally molding, "reproduces the crawling track shape waving when running" !

It consists of 4 pieces on one side


The motif is "with rubber pads" which is often seen in ceremonial ceremonies and shooting schools

It is reproduced to the back side of the hatch


Even 1/35 scale may be omitted this part!


It expresses up to "pilot hatch inside" which can not be seen at all

Hatsuhatsu is possible to select Late quadruple the previous year type triple is

Periscope, lighting equipment, laser measuring instrument lens etc are being cleared

New development of Fujimi model "72 Ground SDF inprecision reproduction "GlitterGlitterGlitter


Release planned for autumn 2018


Please wait for a whileheart

Speaking of summer…

Fujimi model, I will participate this year too!


Wonder Festival 2018 [Summer]


Sunday, July 29, 2018 (Sunday) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1 – 8 Hall


Fujimi model of the booth 2-26 is




In the custom sales corner every time

We sell popular items at one festival limited priceSurprised Mark



Introducing the product to be flickeredChilaChila

Military Port / Warship Series to collect 1/3000 familiar


Also this time, Shimada Takunori Mr. Jokyu Earthquake  will display worksheart

Chibi round series with cute figure deformed to palm size


At the venue, Kariyasu ☆ will exhibit their workGlitter

Since its launch in February this year, is very much our popular Ha scan Laover


Pure white pearl just released this month

We will sell it at a discount price as soon as possible

Deformed the character of Godzilla cute and real

Tibimar Godzilla series


This time we will sell King gigola and 3 type machine dragon (heavy armed type)

No way 72% OFFGuan


Bulk purchase is also welcomegood!


Because it was sold out for a while in the last one festival

We will recommend you as soon as possibleSurprised Mark

We are preparing a lot of other products and waitingWink


Please come and visit the Fujimi model boothheart




One festival 2018 [summer]

Makuhari Messe

Fujimi Model 2-26


10 days leftI am happy · Pinkmaheart






※ There is a possibility of change for products and prices to sell

Please confirm details at the venue