It is useless.

The neighborhood ‘s bedside was sent to ambulance due to heat stroke.

Do not ever do such a thing! !

It is alright.


Are you really playing the Olympic Games this time?

Is it better to shift the next term?

Something like a tray becoming cooler than a tray.

If you are told that “the murderous Olympics”, you do not want to go.




Finally shipping and.

Fine, in the box, it is clogged.

There are also molded trucks.



I will continue to empower AFV in the future.

looking forward to! !



Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter equipped escort ship pulls

Plastic model
Limited item

Scale … 1: 450 
product number ……… 40099 Our company shipping … 2018 07/26 sale day …… 2018 0 July 29 around the main body price … 4200 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 192 model total length … 438 mm model full width … 89 mm

The 2nd ship “Hazime” is 
a helicopter-equipped escort ship that was commissioned on March 16, 2011 by the Maritime Self Defense Force. 
Initially, it was transferred to the 4th Escort Group 4th Escort Corps and deployed at Kure base. 
After the reorganization on March 22, 2017, belonged to the 2 nd escort group second escort group, it is 
deployed at Sasebo base.

The kit is a real scale scale model that is easy for beginners who reduced the number of parts. 
Each of the SH – 60K, MCH – 101, MV – 22 is included in each of the two aircraft. 
Each ship’s operation rescue car, remote control type electric handler each 2 cars, 25 ton crane cars, one train car attached. 
Mr. Kazuo Kato is in charge of package illustration.
Product Specifications

  • DDH-182

Minolta Toyota 88C

Plastic model

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20236 Our company shipping … 2018 07/26 sale day …… 2018 0 July 29 around the main body price … 2400 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 82 total model length … 199mm model full width … 82.5 mm


Plastic model
Limited item
special version
New decal
Focke Wolf Fw 190 A – 8 / R 8 “Bodense Platte”
Scale … 1:48 
Part number ……… 07470 Our shipping … 2018 07/26 sale day …… 2018 0 July 29 around the main body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 86 full length model … 190 mm model full width … 221 mm

German Air Force’s last offensive, kitting the aircraft at the time of the Bodense Platte operation! 
Added an armor board to protect the cockpit to assault the heavy bombers and to do short range shooting, the 
outer gun has been strengthened to 30mm machine cannon.
Additional Plastic Parts

  • Fuselage increase armor plate
  • Windshield side bulletproof glass

Decal (marking)

  • 4th Fighter Air Corps Fifth Squadron Affiliation Machine “White 11” (January 1945)
  • 1 other machine