TRUMPETER 2018-09 new product notice

30N6E radar car

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 01043

Russian S-300V 9A83 missile launch vehicle

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 95519

Russian 2S34 self-propelled howitzer

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 09562

Germany Ar195

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 06278

Germany BF109T

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 06279

Germany JU-87

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 06280

Germany Fi-167

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 06281


1/700 Battleship Haruna Showa 19 with etching parts

Today 1/700 special Series No. 76 EX – 1

Special specifications Japan Navy Battleship Haruna Showa 19 (Operation of Junichi) with etching parts

It is an introduction of the new etching parts attached to.

The etching parts are 2 sets.

For those who are unsatisfactory with plastic products.

For those who want more detail up.

For those who want to pursue more delicate expressions

We prepared.

Shipment New Today – NX Kumgang Genuine Etching Parts ~

I will introduce the new product shipped today (∩ · ∀ ·) ∩


1/700 GUP 135 Battles NEXT Japan Navy Battleship Kanego Genuine Etching Parts

I reproduced the delicate ship's outfit that can not be expressed with plastics products with etching parts!

It helps for more advanced detail up (+ · · · · ·) Doiya


Now, let's make ヽ (* · ω ·) person (· ω · *) ノ

Thanks! !

Cyber ​​- formulas –

Asura da G. S. X Clear – Body Ver.

And the detail up part

It seems to be very popular,

Thank you very much.

Something like "Transformation Cyborg"

There is something to push.


It was worthwhile plating the wheels.

You can see it properly.

This is a package of Detail Up Parts.

The right is a package for overseas.


Actually Cyber ​​- Formula - 

It is very popular overseas.

It will also be sold soon in the country,

Customers abroad

Please buy me so.

Thankfully it is.



John Lydon is a voice actor?


For money? Are you free?

It will be changed if it changes.


Is not it the current PIL?


Character goods of PISTOLS?

With this kind of mug,

It decides to be unpleasant! !