Japan Treks Container Semitrailer 40 ft 3 Axis / ONE Japan-Scheduled to be released in October 2018

Commercialized by cooperation of each company!

1/32 Heavy Freight Sea Con trailer New deployment! Japan Treks container semi-trailer triaxial type and a combination of Ocean Network Express Japan’s 40Feet marine container ♪ It is possible to match with the tractor head of the value series. Completed dimensions are total length 295 mm full width 78 mm overall height 118 mm !!

  • New backlight compliant new back lamp
  • New Japan Treks Decal
  • New ONE Japan Decal
  • 40feet dedicated triaxial chassis
  • 40feet Ocean container (8 ft 6 in dry)
  • Pure angled tail or round tail selection formula
  • ISO 10 hole wheel
  • 22.5 inch Yokohama tire

* It can be combined with the tractor head of the value series. 
※ This kit is a product only of the trailer section. Tractor head is not included.