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POTEZ 63-11 A3

First car offering accessible sports performance with a standard car budget, its oversteer behavior (it drifts from the rear) due to the engine placed in the rear overhang will make it a reference of sporty driving for experienced pilots but also for all skid lovers.
Amédée Gordini, nicknamed "the sorcerer", will transform the original block (Cléon Fonte of 956 cm3) while raising its cubic capacity to 1108 cm3 (77,5 ch DIN / 95ch SAE). The most significant modifications will be the adaptation of a hemispherical cylinder head (V-valves and central plugs) and the addition of two Solex horizontal dual-body carburetors.
With a top speed of 170 Km / h the R8 Gordini is one of the fastest cars of its time. In September 1966 appears the R8 Gordini 1300 with a 1255cc engine developing 88hp DIN / 103hp SAE. The gearbox now has 5 gears and the top speed is increased to 175 km / h.
A month after its presentation, the R8 Gordini will not stop winning for almost 10 years (Tour de Corse, Rally Morocco, Australian Rally Championship, Rally Ivory Coast, Rally Portugal). The last R8 Gordini is manufactured in May 1970.
A total of 11,607 Renault Gordini were produced, including 8981 for the 1300 version alone. A true icon of a generation, Gorde is now snapping up at the price of sporting sports full of technology. Its performance remains intact.

Name of pieces 117
Model length 16.5
Model width 6.3
Box width 37
Box height 25
Depth box 7
contents 1 model – decals – assembly plan
Ladder 1/24
Age 14
Difficulty Intermediate

October New product

It is an introduction of the new product in October.

1/700 We are developing genuine etched parts of the cloud drag type.

Because it is under development, the number of parts has increased more than when new product information is informed.

(; ^ _ ^ A

This time it is included in the product.

Special specification aircraft carrier Amagi, aircraft carriers Katsuragi kits

Otherwise it can not be obtained.

It is a luxury two-piece set.


Please refer to the reference image on the way of assembly.

Although there is still a while until release,

Please stay tuned.

Well then.


hasegawa New products released soon 17-21-22/08/2018

Plastic model
VF – 0 B (variable blade multiple seat type) "Macross zero"
Scale … 1:72 
Item No. ……… 65770 Our company shipping … 2018 August 21 sale day … …. 2018 08-24 Body price … 2800 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 119 model total length … 271 mm model full width … 286 mm
Plastic model
Mitsubishi A6M8 zero type ship fighter 54/64 type
Scale … 1:48 
Part number ……… 09821 Our shipping … 2018 August 21 sale day … …. 2018 08-24 Body price… 2400 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts… 143 Model total length … 192 mm Model full width … 229 mm

is a fuselage whose engine has been replaced with Venus Sixth Type in order to regenerate the Zero Fighter 52 Crown Type, which has increased in weight due to repeated renovations and has deteriorated performance .
The shape of the cowling has changed considerably, and the spinner is also equipped with a large one.
For Type IV,
it was possible to equip a falling-type augmentation tank containing 150 liters on the bottom of the main wing one by one to equip a 500 kg bomb .
Decal (marking)

  • Zero type ship fighter aircraft type 54 prototype No.2 "Ko-A6-82"
  • Zero type ship fighter aircraft type 64 Yokosuka aircraft group belonging machine "Yo -257"

Plastic model
Limited item
With stand
New decal
F-35 Lightning II (Type A) "Air Self Defense Force Temporary F-35 Squadron"
Scale … 1:72 
Part number ……… 02284 Our company shipping … August 17, 2018 (on sale) Release date …… 2018 0 Aug 22nd Body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 68 Model length … 217 mm Model full width … 148 mm

The first F – 35A, AX – 6 deployed at Misawa base ( 
Unit 6 for F – 35A Air Self Defense Force : Domestic production No.2) will be reproduced. 
Temporary F – 35 Squadron is a unit organized on the assumption that it will be reorganized into the 302nd Squadron. 
On February 24th the F – 35A deployment commemoration ceremony was held and this machine was exhibited.
Decal (marking)

  • Air Self Defense Force Temporary F – 35 A Squadron affiliation machine "AX – 6: 706" (Misawa base: February 24, 2018)
  • other
Paint used for kit
Plastic model
Space Wolf SW-190 "Herlock Custom"
Scale … 1:72
product number ……… 64701 Our company shipping … 2018 August 21 sale day … …. 2018 August 24 around the body price … 2600 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 87 full length model … 164 mm model full width … 157.5 mm

From the SW – 190 onboard Arcadia 's warfare machine, kit the dedicated harlock machine.
This machine is Space Wolf which Oyama Totiro specially customized, it is an aircraft manufactured only a few machines.
The gun pod type dimension recoil cannon is installed under the main wing!
The intake of the left side of the nose is enlarged, etc. It is
a special equipment equipped with increased thermal power and output.
Decal (marking)

  • Herlock exclusive machine
  • Oyama Tachiro exclusive machine
  • Dimensional recoil gun tester (fire pattern)

Plastic model
Limited item
New package
Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD "1993 RAC rally champion car"
Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20358 Our company ships … August 17, 2018 (on sale) Release date …… 2018 August 22 around the body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 116 total model length … 184 mm Model full width … 75 mm

In 1993, Toyota shines as the first Mex champion in Japanese cars, and
Cancunnen got a driver's title!
Castro-colored Celica is reproduced. Etching of buckles etc,
materials for seat belts and mat guards included.
Decal is made up of two pieces, the castor's logo & pattern is made of cult chart.
Decal (marking)

  • 1993 RAC Rally Car Victory Cars: Car No. 1 Driver: Juha Cancunen
  • 6th: Car No.6 Driver: Didier Oriol

Plastic model
Limited item
special version
New decal
Volkswagen Beetle "Moon Equipped"
Scale … 1:24 
Part number ……… 20357 Our shipping … 2018 August 17 (on sale) Release date …… 2018 August 22 around the main body … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 82 full model length … 171 mm Model full width … 64 mm

Coordinated with yellow & black, 
MOON Equipped color Beetle appeared! 
It is designed with the eyeball mark drawn largely in the center of the hood. 
Wheel cap fitted with a moon disk. 
Part color of the body will be yellow.


Metal parts
· Wheel cap parts
Decal (marking)

  • Moon Equipped specification (assumed marking)
Paint used for kit