AOSHIMA 1/350 Japan Navy heavy cruiser Atago Retake Iron Clad Scheduled to be released in October 2018

The heat and cold is up to Higan,

Something you said well

Atago completion by latest verification !!
Kaohsiung type 2 ship “Atago” is finally becoming a retail version and appears. Kaohsiung, Tottori, Maaya and Kaohsiung style full of personality, Atago was awfully presence, but obviously the details are different from Kaohsiung. By the latest verification, all decks, bridge bridge, chimney piping, front and rear mast etc are completely new parts. Vending style, binoculars and other equipment parts are also made as separate parts. At the same time, etching etching set with exclusive etching, linoleum deck is also on sale.
Reproduction of Atago that has never been seen by latest verification
Also added parts of 1955 specifications

I’ve been feeling a little bit late in the morning and evening.

The fall of this autumn is an unexpectedly early,

Like last year, it may be cold in winter.


I passed away the other day.

Mr. Tsugawa Masahiko and our company,

Actually there is a little connection,


Many years ago from now, Thailand’s “plan toys”

I have imported and sold wooden toys.

It was made from rubber tree,

It was a safe wooden toy harmless and harmless.

Mr. Tsugawa’s “Grand Papa”

It was handled.

Currently, we do not handle it ,,,


Since Mr. Tsugawa was young,

An actor full of individuality,

It appeared in many works.

was impressed by ” Hissatsushi workers”.

It was a surprising way to kill using cloth.

In recent years, “to say so much to the committee” etc.

I was glad the painful critique was good.

I lost a regret.

We pray for the souls.


Well, now under development ,,,

It is 1/350 Iron Clad ‘Atago’.

It is a test shot.

Atago is in the Kaohsiung type, hidden under the shadow of the characterism Maya, Toriumi

By necessity, the treatment was weak.

However, what is this ,,,

There are few common parts with Kaohsiung ,,,,

Deck, bridge, mast or something is not total trouble ,,,

In fact, what is the hull ,,,,

There, there are circumstances of adults ,,,

have used Kaohsiung’s bridge up to now ,

Well, you did not get it.

The piping of the chimney is quite different.


Added parts at the time of Showa 16th.


Why is Atago, “Arpeggio of the Blue Steel” at

Atago appears in the original version comic ,

It was a good game with Takao.

From that time on, someday, it was “Atago.”


Of course, it is inside.

It is a ship shop newly published.

I see.

Only British ship flying,

“Flying dragon” Rinyuu Shinkai ,,,

My voice has been kept sufficient .

Superliner forever

How is everyone doing in the hot weather? 
Are you making a model! What? 

This is the second appearance in this blog, a newcomer B. 

Well, I received a reservation reception from the other day

Speaking of super-large new products … 

Yes, “1/45 Train Museum OJ 

Electric locomotive EF 66 latter term typ

This product, the total length is almost the same as DD51 of the last time, but 
even if it is told, it does not come to mind as to the concrete size · · · actually it was brought! With this hands overflowing with hands with both hands, this size combined with precision makes it an outstanding presence as the interior of the room ! And what parts you care about, first skirt! EF 66, in particular the 0s have been active for half a century and their details differ at the time of production and activity. This product is the late stage of the JNR era! , So it will be a skirt with prototype specifications without a return tube in the current freight aircraft or a jumper receiver for a sleeping limited express traction machine ! Next!

Here is also a point you care about, pantograph . 
Speaking of JNR’s EF 66, it may be an image of PS 17, but 
this time we are reproducing PS 22 by saying late model! 
There is also a conservative merit in the actual machine,

Since we are replacing PS22 later, 
some people familiar with this pantograph

Is not there a lot? 


Very groundbreaking as the National Railways EL

It is a streamlined style EF 66, but 
the sash of the front glass is very

It is making a bone-like structure. 
Of course we picked it up and reproduced it! 
This configuration is a 
very finished arrangement which is also seen today in EF 510, EH 500 etc etc. 

I will go to Don Dong ~! It is an “eaves” part that is attached to almost everything in the event of acquired remodeling in the end ! Here is Hisashi installed as a countermeasure against window dirt, “Episode 52 cut” of Joetsu district etc.

It is a similar thing. 
Personally, the electric locomotive is EF81 Naturally EF64 Nevertheless it 
is a favorite favorite. 
The eye is closed! And “Elephant belt” which constitutes the elegant face of EF 66 ! In the former type, it was structured to also serve as an intake port. In the latter model, the air intake structure itself has been omitted. Although the division of the decorative band varies depending on the manufacturing time of the actual machine, of course it is reproducing batch! From here I would like to show you a little about the interior . It is a part around the instrument . Click here The street around the meter is missing! When I got the clear parts instruments here …? Please check with yourself! This is a part around the console . I think whether you can check the structure around the mascon and brake lever ! I think that you will understand from these parts, but we have reproduced the detail of Bolt! Each one of the expressions that I said makes a big impact on the density after completion. And finally show off a runner runner!

It is that suspension that I can not remove in talking about EF 66 . 
If you follow the original, EF 66 is revised by Yon Santo

I debuted for high-speed cargo. Create power that can tow 
10000 series freight cars including “Tobu” and “Ginkin” at a 
maximum speed of 100 km / h

In addition to MT 56, it creates stability in the high speed range

Air spring type DT 133 bogie with 
thorough parts splitting

I express it without limit! 

Finally, I personally want to point the most points …

Yes, it is ATS car shoot ! 
I’m missing the frame so well ~ I 
only want to decorate the room in the room … 

Over, it was light but I saw the details. 
1/45 Train Museum OJ

“Electric locomotive EF 66 latter type”, 
it has become a product with a very high volume as you can see, it is a 
kit that is difficult to reproduce frequently …. 
This kit that received a tremendous response from the beginning of the presentation, 
customers who want to securely make a reservation thank you! 

Well then let’s meet somewhere!

AOSHIMA 1/24 Supercar No. 26 Pergani Hueira’s genuine aero specification-Scheduled to be released in October 2018


A pachytat tempesta that assembled a dedicated genuine performance kit aimed at circuit running announced in 2016 is appearing in the mold addition. I will produce a new spiritual exterior of Hueira further.

  • Add special parts such as front bumper, rear diffuser, wheel etc as new mold
  • Gullwing door opening and closing
  • Engine Reproduction

※ The photograph is a prototype. There are parts different from actual products.