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Information on reproduction! !

Today is the guide of products we reproduce.


We have out of stock This product remanufactured!

“Civilmar Godzilla 3 Civil Mar 3 Equipment Dragon”

“3 type machine dragon” appearing in the movie “Godzilla series”.

Reproduce a cool form like reminiscent of Western armor!

In addition, the cuteness of the unique form of Chibi Maru series is also attractive product.

Coloring can be reproduced with color coding by multicolor molding and real seal.

Snap kit without glue


“Construction 8 1/150 Byodoin Phoenix Hall”

This is also reproducing.

The Perfect Cavalry Tank For Mobile Operations

In WWII, the U.S. cavalry units abandoned the practice of riding horses. Instead, they drove tracked vehicles, mainly light tanks, in reconnaissance and pursuit operations. The M5 light tank was a derivative of the M3 light tank. It’s named after the famous American Civil War cavalry commander Stuart.


This is the 12th World War Toons game based plastic model kit presented by MENG and Studio Roqovan. This MENG WWT-012 U.S. Light Tank M5 Stuart carries the features like snap-fit design and excellent building experience of the WWT series. Come on and enjoy this kit!

NEW ITEMS 8/2018

tamiya 35361 1/35 Ground Self Defense Force 16 Type Mobile Combat Vehicle Military Miniature Series No.361 FULL TEST