1/200 Battleship Yamato “bridge” scheduled to be released in December + 1/72 Ground Self Defense Force 87 type self-propelled high-speed aircraft

red) From the falling ranging ruler of Musashi, the branch has been strengthened and the number of ribs has increased. Orange) Reproduced in a convex engraving a hare of a kamaboko type that leads to the 1st bridge. Green) Compact binocular telescope of 2 portable socket types, included bonus parts (bonus for bonus). You can also see it in the back part of the Musashi bridge

1/200 Battleship Yamato “Bridge” ~ Price and release date information in late September! The inside of the 1st bridge is also reproduced green) The floor of the front of the environment is the expression of grating tone red) The binocular telescope is also partized. A state where one was removed (moved to the upper watchhouse?). Orange) Since the front side of the floor is bulky and there is a slope, it is expressed here.

1/200 Battleship Yamato “bridge” ~ motif is the last figure of 1945 Bridge inner ceiling is reproduced red) Center bispectral telescope is a ceiling suspended type molded on the top. Yellow) The distance between the lenses of the range finder is separately made by white molding. Green) Ceiling girders are reproduced referring to the plan of the air defense command place. The window is clear, it is possible to grasp from the outside peeking in ♪

Scheduled to be released in October 1/72 Ground Self Defense Force 87 type self-propelled high-speed aircraft cannon package illustration is followed by 74 reforms etc Mr. Kurokawa Kenji Mr. belongs to Mr. High School Teacher and is a cool package which imaged live shooting in a motif! Look forward to sale! !