Notice of 2 new products ♪ Yamato main turret (with additional machine gun) & Tyrannosaurus

Today I will introduce 2 new products ♪




Equipment 3 1/200 Battleship Yamato Kuroda 4 46 cm 3 Tacho main turret (with additional machine gun)

The world's largest battleship Yamato type "mounting main gun" constructed by the Japanese Navy! We commercialized 
a type with the last 25 millimeter 3 tandem machine gun seat installed ! 

With a big scale of 1/200, turret and upper and lower feed bullets under the top deck etc.

The main turret set including the main gun support can be reproduced . Adopted "no snap fit" without


The molding color is gray simulating "Kure Navy Arsenal Color", the gun barrer waterproof canvas is white .
Parts corresponding to the cylinder are made as clear casing exhibiting casings ,

You can take a look at the state of the feeding bullet and dispensing room even after assembly is complete .
In the turret canopy, it is a design that can reproduce the extension machine gun seat and the machine gun, and can also descend the machine gun .
I imagine the time of Operation Tian Ichi in April 1945

It is a combination of 2 turrets with additional machine guns and 1 machine gun .


Free study 1 Tyrannosaurus

Easy to collect popular dinosaurs to deformed size!

Make it, collect it and have fun! 
The first version commercializes "Tyrannosaurus"!

Major color classification is reproduced with molding color, and it can be assembled without painting . 
Because it is a snap-fit ​​type design , it can be assembled without using adhesive .
Main part is movable design!


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