RFW 5012 1/35 Sturmtiger w/ Full Interior FULL KIT TEST + Full review

As it is an old German tank that has undergone quite a few wars and difficult battles
Is still strong and high quality and heavy and has a great reputation for its manufacturer is getting all the respect it deserves
And comes with a very large kit invested from the smallest part to the largest part
The manufacturer chose to invest a great deal of resources here and in planning and thinking about developing a quality product
And learned a lot about this tank and created a very detailed kit
Very high accuracy
The quality of the kit is very good with a very special graphic and highly invested painting
Quality plastic parts are insurers and good grip of dyeing
It is recommended to buy strong / very high quality paints to get realistic quality coloring that matches the real thing
This kit is especially large and ensures maximum enjoyment for many days
The value for money is excellent and worth much more
This kit is not cheap but justifies a considerable financial investment

It is recommended to buy new tools and basic work equipment to get a beautiful kit for the eye interesting and educated
Highly recommended for purchase

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