tamiya Scale Models FOR September 2018

ITEM# 14133


Detail-Up Parts Series no.84
1/12 Scale Yamaha YZF-R1M Front Fork Set
Item No: 12684


★Add some super detailing touches to your 1/12 scale YZF-R1M with this set! ★Includes gold color anodized outer tube, reservoir tank and fork tops, plus black anodized outer tube ends. ★For use with Item 14133 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1M.

1/6 Motorcycle Series No.1
Honda Dream CB750 FOUR
Item No:16001 ※Limited Edition Model


(Length=355mm Image shows assembled and painted model)

【 The Superbike which Stormed the World 】 This is a plastic assembly model kit of the Honda Dream CB750 FOUR which took the motorcycle world by storm in 1969. The chrome plated front fender, along with the highly detailed wire spoke wheels and disc brakes precisely capture the mechanical wonder of this bike. The front and rear suspension which are of metal piping including the coil springs are compelling features along with the glamorous form of the high precision air cooled 4 cylinder engine. It is possible to remove the engine from the frame and display it on an exhibition stand. The gasoline tank, seat, as well as the side cover are all removable which allows you to see the inner parts of the bike such as the oil tank and electronics. The tires which are made of rubber material have a realistic tread pattern for greater realism. And finishing off this beautiful sophisticated superbike are the moveable side and main stands.

1/12 Motorcycle Series no.29
Suzuki RG250 Γ with Full Options
Item No: 14029

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