Evacuation recommendation issuance! !

In the event of typhoon approaching the mainland,

Imperial Navy Armory Plant and Special Self-Defense Force

Activate home evacuation order.

It was an emergency closure at 3 p.m.

Promptly evacuate! !


Today is the closing day in the end.

I am sorry very much ,,,

Please understand.

⇒ It is a serious story.



It is 1/350 Atago.


A bit more detailed explanation ,,,

Until now, the bridge was reclaimed by Kaohsiung.

This time it is completely new.

It is characterized by an air defense command center that protrudes greatly.

What is different from any ship of Kaohsiung type

It is piping of a chimney.

Go around the mast pillar and head for the bridge.

This assembly is tough.

Suspended trusses of the communication passage belt are also new.

It is different from Kaohsiung. It is an invisible place ,,,

It is the back mast.

Although support posts and cranes are reworking,

Other new.


Although I still can not make the test shot in time this time,

All decks are completely new.

How to paste linoleum,

It is different from other ships.


So, what is Atago till now

It is very different.


So, let 's return early today.

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