Plastic model
Mitsubishi A6M7 0 Type Ship Fighter Type 62
Scale … 1:48 
Part number ……… 09813 Our shipping … 2018 0 Sep 06 Release date …… 2018 09/09 around the main body price … 2400 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 154 Model total length … 192mm Model full width … 229 mm

Zero Fighter Type 62 is a standard equipment equipped with bombardment weapons, a standardized booster is equipped as standard on both lower wing surfaces,
and the aircraft body has improved sudden descent performance by strengthening the airframe structure such as tail wing.
Unit 1 was completed in February 1959 just before the end of the war.
Decal (marking)

  • No. 210 Navy Air Corps belonging organization "210-118"
  • No. 302 Navy Air Corps affiliation machine "Yo D-135"

Plastic model
Limited item
New decal
Su-35S flanker "Serbukov color scheme"
Scale … 1:72 
Part number ……… 02288 Our company shipping … Sep. 06, 2018 Sale day …… 2018 09 0 0 Body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax)

We will reproduce the Su-35S which Serbukov camouflage was given. 
This camouflage is said to have been adopted by the Serbskov Defense Minister of Russia for the intention of defense, and the 
upper side of the fuselage is dark gray and the lower side is painted with light blue. 
Kit is a selection formula of Russia / China Air Force belonging machine. 
The Russian flag is written on the vertical tail direction rudder of the Russian Air Force affiliation "08".
Decal (marking)

  • Russian Air Force belonging machine "08"
  • China Air Force affiliation machine

Plastic model
Limited item
New package
Joost Porsche 962C
Scale … 1:24 
Part number ……… 20363 Our shipping … 2018 09/06 release date …… 2018 09/09 around the main body price … 2800 yen (+ consumption tax)

I reproduce the Joost Porsche of the brown punctured color which participated in the WSPC in 1989 in private . 
Body parts color is white. 
Blue line sets the decal.
Decal (marking)

  • 1989 World sports prototype car championship 
    entry car Joste Racing Team CAR No. 8


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