Moving Background Movie Exhibition Guide (Joshin Denki Super Kids Land Head Office)

Recently, at Josin Electric Machinery Super Kids Land Headquarters

I went to the exhibition setting of moving background movies

Every time in one festival this time also the work of Mr. Takumi Shimada highly popular

It is exhibiting at the head office.Star



All ships of the 1/3000 series will be seen this timeSurprised




The way the airplane is launched is also reproduced

The details of the author are packed up to the details and it is interesting contentBlunder




One festa could not see the real thing because it was held in Kanto

Guests in Kansai should also take the opportunity to visit our head office.



The end period of the exhibition is unknown but we are planning around December.

Please note that it may be terminated without notice in advance.

Today I will sell it in October in addition to verification

Velfire (White Pearl Crystal Shine)Glitter

I tried makingWhistle


Real seal attached to reproduce details of the color!

Because it has good trackability




Especially the side glass surroundings are realistically reproducedlove

Especially when the body is white it stands out ~!


Since the decal is also attached

Painting users can also enjoy itnote





See you next time

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