Obtain prototype of Kiiroitori!

It is Kireiroi from Rilakkuma which is scheduled to be released in November.


Still, the molding color is gray while adjusting.



The shape of the hole has been changed so as not to mistake the right and left parts of the eyes.

· Eyes, feet etc


· Polycap parts

When assembled, it looks like this

In developing products of Rilakkuma and Kiroyori, new color of plastic material for molding

We created 5 colors.


Rilakkuma will show you when it is complete.

1/72 87 self-propelled shooting head of a self-propelled aircraft cannon

Thank you for your continued patronage of our products.


A new product scheduled to be released in October, “1/72 Ground Self Defense Force 87-type self-propelled high fire aircraft gun”

We prepared a poster for poster display.


For retailers and retailers from the following

I am pleased if you can download it and use it.


_ A poster


For A4 _ Poster



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Tokyo Monorail 2000 type (New paint)

~ Shipped on September 25 scheduled coloring 1/150 Scale Structure Kit Konpirated 2000 type which plays an active part in new paint following the 10000 form released in full new money mold in July . Please select car number and type from the sticker attached attached color body and skirt and finish it to your own specifications Please enjoy