More photos and details of upcoming Tamiya 47381 Super Astute (2018)

The Super Astute (2018) is a reissue of a classic (58097, 1991).
The 2WD Buggy undergoes only minimal technical changes in the new edition to do justice to the performance of contemporary electronics. The famous TTC (Tamiya Traction Control) has been retained in a revised form, the appearance is as close as possible to the original.

Technical specifications

  • Kit in scale 1/10, 2WD offroad race buggy
  • Lowerdeck FRP with 2.5mm material thickness.
  • The battery compartment has been slightly enlarged. Not compatible with square shape battery packs.
  • 4 Independent suspension on double wishbones, with CVA oil shock absorbers.
  • Closed gearbox with TTC (Tamiya Traction Control) system. This first slipping clutch from
  • Tamiya has been reworked and is adjustable from the outside directly under the cover.
  • Gear in size module 0.5 installed.
  • A low-profile servo is required for steering.
  • Efficient rib/spike tyres (front) and square spikes (rear) provide the necessary grip.
  • Bodywork / spoiler as well as underbody protection made of polycarbonate for self-designing included.
  • Motor and speed controller not included.

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