RPG scale model is 1/35 Russian army's T-80U main tank of the complete new money type kit.
T – 80 was a tank started development in the Soviet Union since the 1960 's, the T – 64 deployed mainly in elite troops was defective contrary to expectations, therefore, OJEC 219 developed as a tank which improved and developed this tank It was then formulated as T-80.
Therefore, it is a vehicle developed in a separate line from the popular type T – 72 tank.
T-80U is given an U suffix signifying improvement in Russian as an improved version of T-80, and most of the armor has been replaced / added to improve defense capability.
Explosive reaction armor is replaced with a new type of contruct 5, and armament can operate 9K 119 M reflexes of the main gun launch type antitank missile.
The engine was equipped with 1,250 horsepower GTD – 1250 gas turbine engine, and the navigation system was renewed.
Deployment began in the Soviet Union from the latter half of the 1980s to the ground forces, Korea was adopted as a redemption of economic cooperation loans in countries other than the Soviet Union, China, Cyprus and UAE purchased this car.

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