Today dispatch new product ~ Kumamon submarine 10 type tank ~

We will introduce the new products shipped today (. + · `Ω · ') killer


Kumamon 15 Submarine Kumamonba


It becomes a snap kit which does not use adhesive.

The parts scores are also 7 parts and it is easy to challenge even for beginners!


When the rubber band is hooked inside, the screw turns.

The point will be better rotated if the rubber band is doubledOK

CautionRubber rubber is not included.)

The charm of Kumamon comes with a full seal!

Please try sticking freely while referring to how to paste instructions.

Mom Gumon in such a placeGlitter

Also included is a sticker peeking into the window from the window! You can choose from two types.


We are pleased to announce our Bear Mon series, which has increased the number of barriersPlease



A submarine that imaged Kumamon appeared! Kumamon
The body adopts black molded color and Otome Tokimekiis a product full of charm of Kumamon . Kumamon
Seal attachment, no paint required with a snap kit that can be assembled without adhesive! 
It has contents with few parts, easy to challenge from beginners to children (● 'ω `●) ゞ


TMSPOT 7 10-inch tank with a nipper with a dozer set

Appears with nippers attached with 10 type tank dozer! 
It is a must-see for the first time to challenge the Plamo! (; · 'Д ·') Na, Nandatte !! It 
can be created without buying nippers and glue separately from this kit! (^ ∇ ^)


Try making it by all means (* ¯ ³ __ *) ♡ ㄘ ゅ

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