I am a battleship Nagato. I'm counting on you.

December New product NEXT's new work "Nagato"

Since the prototype arrived, introductionnote

"Battleship Nagato, sortie!"

Cool, coolheartheart


Motif is the figure at the time of Operation of the Junichi issue in October 1959 .


Installation of electricity search, removal of auxiliary guns, blocking of porthole etc

I will reproduce the figure which was remodeled from warts.


Since it is a ship NEXT series, of course , it uses color-coded molded items in advance .

The bridge bridge top is black molded, and the missing state is reproduced.

A thin and difficult-to-assemble part such as a steam disposal of a chimneyTo give awayTo give away

Such an incidental facility

Easy toassemble by integrating with chimney parts!  !!  !

The rear mast No. 13 Electric Search 2 is molded integrally with the rear mast .

I also develop it considering assembly!

The side of the ship reproduces seams of armor boards, porthole which is blocked, etc. by sculpture

It is a sense of precision ! !

Also reproduce the joints, water supply and drain outlets with delicate sculptures on the ship's bottom.

There are some points of particular attention that I can not write yet.

Everyone, have you been looking forward to it? What?

For further information, I will speak over in a new product guide in December! ! !

Next week we will be able to inform you about product information such as shipping date, price etc.


looking forward to!

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