Congratulations on the 100th anniversary! !

Suddenly recently I am addicted to cartoons set in Hokkaido which eats brown bears, squirrels and seals.

I thought "I want to eat ~" and I heard that the shop where such unusual meat can be eaten also exists in the west, so I tried trying to tell a friend from one end " Squirrels are impossible "and all were refused.

Is it impossible for a squirrel …Squirre


Well, that's why today , a tram opens on August 12, 1973, introduces the collaboration products of Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Transport Bureau and Hokkaido City's 100th anniversary on August 12, 3013 To do!


Scheduled to be released on September 21

【1/150 Sapporo Municipal Transport Bureau 3300 2-Car Set】

□ The completed size is about 9 cm

□ 1 vehicle parts number 56 points

We are cute size enough to get on the palm of your hand!



And … this is not all …

Because it's the 100th anniversary of Sapporo City Transit Bureau Tramway Open ! !

Cute 100th anniversary logo for the first time only

Head mark sticker comes with! !

Official website:

This is the head mark sticker.
We have 10 specifications with light blue cut line and 10 pieces for strong player who does not have cut line.
I think that it is hard to understand in the image … but it is very small ….

My hand is too clumsy, but in my spirit I have to challenge everything
I think I will cut it.

Cali, Cali … gully …

Gully … moth Gallura
Oh …! What?

Ah ah ah! What? ! ! ! What? What?

I could cut it. To protect the cute logo marks and not to protect them, the light blue cut line is round. I'm sorry I was short of power.
Please do cut it cleanly so that everyone will not be like this! !
I have been saying persistently, but since the head mark sticker will be producedfor the first time only, those who want to get it or who are interested are early!
Please do try it!
Upon receiving the news of the Hokkaido Earthquake
I would like to support I can.
I pray from the bottom of my heart for the reconstruction of the disaster area.

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