First photo of Tamiya 54844 Marking Sticker Racing Truck


Racing trucks are a hot category in R/C racing, and this Tamiya sticker set provides you more options in the shape of this dedicated sticker set. The set includes a multitude of original stickers that you can use with your own color schemes to create a truly original racing truck livery.

• Includes 2 large sticker sheets, with designs depicting imaginary sponsor logos, driver names and even Tamiya logos. Letters and numbers are included.
• Designed for use with Tamiya 1/14 scale R/C racing truck model bodies.


For 1/14 Rc On Road Race Truck

Your Husky Needs Them -British Army Husky TSV (Tactical Support Vehicle) FULL MODEL+SPS-064 British Army Husky TSV Sagged Wheel Set FULL BOX

No matter it’s on the real vehicles or on scale models, wheels are one of the most important components. For the models of tactical vehicles like the British Husky which often operates in extreme environments, realistic wheels are no doubt an eye-catching part.


This SPS-064 British Army Husky TSV Sagged Wheel Set contains 4 sagged wheels (2 front wheels and 2 rear wheels). This resin wheel set realistically replicates the weighted wheels on real vehicles. Wheel hubs are detailed and delicate. The rugged tire tread is excellent.

Platts All Japan Model Hobby Show】 1/72 Spitfire Mk.XVI & 1/144 WW.II US Army P – 51 D Mustang New Appears! # All Japan Model Hobby Show # 58 Model Hobby Show



1/72 Spitfire Mk.XVI & 1/144 WW.II US Army P – 51 D Mustang New Appears!



1/72 Aviation model special series Spitfire Mk.XVI “Bubble top” A masterpiece fighter that remains in aviation history will be added to the airline model special series to reconstruct masterpiece kit of each country for domestic use !! 1/72 Aviation model special series Spitfire Mk.XVI “Bubble top” Scheduled for release in November 2,200 yen (excluding tax) I selected as the 10th series of the series , Mk.XVI waterdrop windshield type. It is a type that was active in the postwar period from the end of the war as the final type of Merlin engine mounted type. “Merlin engine + water droplet windshield” style is a minority among many variations of Spitfire, but it is the best in smartness. If you can fully enjoy the charm of Spitfire in a line that flows smoothly from nose to tail wings, we will send it with such thought! Major features 1/72 scale · Plastic model not painted assembly kit Czech · Eduardo parts made parts used An intuitive Japanese manual attached Decal made by Italian · cult graph Two kinds of ordinary elliptical wing and cutting blade for low sky can be selected and manufactured Simultaneous release of exclusive etching parts and mask sheet (made by Eduard)


1/144 WW.II US Army P-51 D Mustang (2 sets) Platts’ 1/144 great aircraft series that has received popularity with fine mold expression and easy-to-make kit configuration, will be re-embarked again from the fall of 2018! 1/144 WW.II US Forces P-51 D Mustang (2 sets) Scheduled to be released in October 1,800 yen (excluding tax) First of all, it is two sets of P-51D Mustang that received high evaluation as the first work to commemorate this aircraft, series . We set a lot of decal choices only for Mustang which is indispensable to the ace ride and colorful marking, and we will renew the explanatory diagram and package so that we can make it easier! Restarting the series aiming to feel the pleasures of airplane models again. Please stay tuned. Major features 1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly Kit 2 sets Decal made by Italian · cult graph Completed products of 1/72 Spitfire Mk.XVI “Bubble Top” and 1/144 WW.II US Forces P – 51 D Mustang (2 sets) will also be exhibited! ! We are waiting for you at Platts booth !!

DE35022 U.S. M3 Stuart late basic PE detail up set

DE35022 is the basic PE set for Tamiya’s new M3 stuart late production.

U.S.M3 Stuart light tank basic PE detail up set for Tamiya kit

Most parts are also available for Academy M3A1 kit

Brass main gun and antenna parts

PE set to pursue accurate shape and elaborate detail of M3 light tank

Include resin bolt head parts

Total 1 PE plate, 2 brass parts and 1 resin part



NEW FROM AIRFIX – A12009 Handley Page Victor K.2/SR.2 1:72 FULL BOX + A04062 Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a 1:72 NEW ART BOX

Welcome to this latest edition of Workbench and all the news, updates and exclusive announcements from the fascinating world of Airfix modelling. We have something a little different for our readers in this latest edition, as we mark the recent release of a significant new 1/72nd scale kit by accepting a kind invitation to do so underneath the actual aircraft which forms the lead scheme option and box artwork inspiration for this new model. We head for the magnificent Yorkshire Air Museum at the former Bomber Command airfield at Elvington to attend the latest of their ‘Thunder Days’, spending much of our time under the shadow of the museum’s largest aviation exhibit. We also have the latest offering in our ever-popular exclusive box artwork reveals, which not only signifies the fast approaching release of a great new model, but also gives us the opportunity to marvel at a spectacular image which will soon be serving as modelling inspiration for many in the hobby. Always a popular feature, we will be going live with our latest Workbench competition, which has a unique and rather topical modelling prize awaiting our lucky winner, one which even the people who were good enough to make it so special would be pleased to win. Let’s not delay proceedings any further and get straight on with the latest edition of our Airfix blog.

With this year marking the Centenary of the establishment of the Royal Air Force, many of the famous aircraft which have represented the force over that period have been the subject of renewed media interest. Classic aircraft such as the Spitfire and Lancaster could almost be described as becoming household names, remaining as familiar to people today as they were during the dark days of the Second World War, whilst other types, such as the Vickers Vernon have simply passed relatively unnoticed  into the annuls of aviation history. Amongst all the aircraft to have worn the famous roundel of the RAF over the past 100 years, there can be few which can claim to have been as distinctive and impressive as the Handley Page Victor, the third of Britain’s trio of V-bombers to enter service and one of the most radical designs ever to take to the skies. With its huge crescent wings and high set T-tail, the Victor would certainly not look out of place in the pages of a science fiction book, however its unusual looks only served to identify it as an exceptionally capable aeroplane indeed, one which proved adaptable enough to see it taking on additional tasks for which it was not originally intended. Developed primarily as a conventional high altitude nuclear capable bomber, the Victor became part of Britain’s primary nuclear deterrent force and was later modified to carry the Blue Steel ‘stand-off’ nuclear missile, ensuring it remained an effective strike platform in an ever changing world. The Victor was also later developed into a long range reconnaissance aircraft (B(SR).2) and an airborne tanker, capable of providing air-to-air-refuelling support for the RAF’s front line fighter and strike force, which included serving through both the Falklands and Gulf conflicts.


A04062 Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a 1:72

Expected: October 2018

  • Scheme 1: 10./NJG 11, W.Nr 111980, Red 12 + RAF Version
  • Scheme 2: Avia CS-92 Czech AF


As the first operational jet fighter in the world, initial Messerschmitt Me262s combat operations were flown by single seat aircraft, piloted by some of the Luftwaffe’s most experienced airmen. A two seat trainer version soon followed, which allowed new pilots to acquaint themselves with this advanced technology, without their conversion from piston power being their first solo jet flight.

 exclusive box artwork reveal has to be considered one of the most impressive we have ever featured



  • 2 TYPES OF ROCKETS: 28cm WK Spr & 32cm WK Flamm

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 4820183311825

Series: WW II Military Miniatures

Box size: 345x240x70 cm

3D renders


Content box

***plastic parts***

***plastic parts***

PE parts




Coming soon