Overfender set 2 + Overfender set 3

Today is an introduction of two overfender sets

Well, at Fujimi

(It is unknown whether I blew the world, but (; ^ _ ^ A)

Air dam works or something

Works horn fencing or something

Air dam tuning Toka

It works round Fen Toka

Variable wing or something

345 Tune etc.

It is nostalgic for those who knew the past

We have produced a series of various modified cars in large quantities. Nono


This product was made for those series

It is a product gathered mainly over fenders and blister fenders .

There are things that fit moderately to the setting model, and possibly those with essential putty are also mixed.

Since it was originally a mold of a long ago in the 1980s

It is reasonable quality,

Of course we are also obsolete.

· ° (· Д `) · ° ·


Jade stone mixing! (Lol)

He slipped a bit,


Maybe it's a treasure mountain .Awesome

. + .. ヽ (*> ∀ <*) ノ .. +. Capac

Blister type!


Rear wing and front spoiler of compact car!


Square fender!


König blessing blister type fender set


A little quiet eye (· ·.) ゞ


Round over fender!

More than

Over fender set 2 .




Over fender set 3 .


For VIP sedan


Still König style!


Works type! (It's pretty thin finish.)

We prepared a large amount of material for each product.

Do you want to rub against each other and make it fit to the body?

Do you use it as the core of your self-made overfender?

Even utilizing the product …


The rest is up to you.

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