Platts All Japan Model Hobby Show】 1/72 Spitfire Mk.XVI & 1/144 WW.II US Army P – 51 D Mustang New Appears! # All Japan Model Hobby Show # 58 Model Hobby Show



1/72 Spitfire Mk.XVI & 1/144 WW.II US Army P – 51 D Mustang New Appears!



1/72 Aviation model special series Spitfire Mk.XVI "Bubble top" A masterpiece fighter that remains in aviation history will be added to the airline model special series to reconstruct masterpiece kit of each country for domestic use !! 1/72 Aviation model special series Spitfire Mk.XVI "Bubble top" Scheduled for release in November 2,200 yen (excluding tax) I selected as the 10th series of the series , Mk.XVI waterdrop windshield type. It is a type that was active in the postwar period from the end of the war as the final type of Merlin engine mounted type. "Merlin engine + water droplet windshield" style is a minority among many variations of Spitfire, but it is the best in smartness. If you can fully enjoy the charm of Spitfire in a line that flows smoothly from nose to tail wings, we will send it with such thought! Major features 1/72 scale · Plastic model not painted assembly kit Czech · Eduardo parts made parts used An intuitive Japanese manual attached Decal made by Italian · cult graph Two kinds of ordinary elliptical wing and cutting blade for low sky can be selected and manufactured Simultaneous release of exclusive etching parts and mask sheet (made by Eduard)


1/144 WW.II US Army P-51 D Mustang (2 sets) Platts' 1/144 great aircraft series that has received popularity with fine mold expression and easy-to-make kit configuration, will be re-embarked again from the fall of 2018! 1/144 WW.II US Forces P-51 D Mustang (2 sets) Scheduled to be released in October 1,800 yen (excluding tax) First of all, it is two sets of P-51D Mustang that received high evaluation as the first work to commemorate this aircraft, series . We set a lot of decal choices only for Mustang which is indispensable to the ace ride and colorful marking, and we will renew the explanatory diagram and package so that we can make it easier! Restarting the series aiming to feel the pleasures of airplane models again. Please stay tuned. Major features 1/144 Scale · Plastic Model Unpainted Assembly Kit 2 sets Decal made by Italian · cult graph Completed products of 1/72 Spitfire Mk.XVI "Bubble Top" and 1/144 WW.II US Forces P – 51 D Mustang (2 sets) will also be exhibited! ! We are waiting for you at Platts booth !!

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