WILL BE OUT ON THE 15/09/2018

Plastic model
Limited item
New decal
Lancia Stratos HF "1982 Targa Florio Rally"
Scale … 1:24 
Part number ……… 20361 Our company shipping … Sep. 15, 2018 release date …… 2018 Sep. 20 th Body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax)

In the 1982 Italian domestic race, R6 international color Stratos who 
participated in a private participation by appointing a female driver to Targa Florio Rally 
will be reproduced. 
The body part color of the kit is white. 
Material for mat guard is included.
Decal (marking)

  • 1982 Targa Florio Rally participation car
    Torre Gattze Team Car No. 27
    Driver: Isabella Bignardi

Plastic model
Limited item
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III "1996 Safari Rally Winner"
Scale … 1:24 
Part number ……… 20365 Our shipping … Sep. 15, 2018 release date …… 2018 Sep. 20th Body price … 4400 yen (+ consumption tax)

Tomi Makinen's Evo III which won the safari in 1996 was reproduced.
Set animal guard with spreading both sides with metal parts.
Etched parts such as catch pins, buckles, wipers
, painted seals for windows
, materials for mat guards and seatbelts are included.
Metal parts

  • Animal guard
  • Auxiliary light parts

Decal (marking)

  • 1996 Safari Rally Victory Car: No. 7 Driver: Tomi Makinen
  • 6th: Car No. 8 Driver: Kenjiro Shinozuka

Plastic model
"Area 88" F – 20 Tiger shark "Kazama true"
Scale … 1:72 
product number ……… 64750 Our company shipping … Sep. 15, 2018 release date …… 2018 09 20 days around the main body price … 2400 yen (+ consumption tax) parts number … 51 full length model … 197 mm model full width … 111 mm

kit of the fleet of mercenaries appearing in Mr. Kaoru Shintani's comic "Area 88" kit with the original illustration package! In 
the fifth half of the story, at the time of relocation to the new area 88 base in the second half of the story, 
Singh appointed Captain Air Force The state-of-the-art aircraft that I got, 
Tiger shark is commercialized at 1/72 scale. 
The vertical stabilizer line can be selected from 2 types.


※ We will change shipping date due to production circumstances. 
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Decal (marking)

  • Aslan Kingdom Air Force Foreign Corps Base Area 88 Affiliation Kazama Seiki Machine
Paint used for kit

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