NEW FROM pit-road 1/350 Maritime Self Defense Force Escort Ship DDH-143 Shirane (HMG 07) FOR December 2018


The helicopter-equipped escort ship "Shirane" was commissioned as the largest escort ship at that time in 1980. After being repaired in the 2000s, I succeeded to "Izumo" which became the latest and largest escort ship in March 2015. 
The kit has been reproduced as a full hull model after the refurbishment.

· 1/350 Polyurethane (resin) model kit made by Art Technics (for advanced users) 
· 1 SH-60J patrol helicopter 
· 1 ship 
· total length: approx. 454 mm

Scheduled for shipment in December 2018 
Body price: 32,000 yen 
JAN code: 4986470019956


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