NEW FROM pit-road W 192 "1/700 German Navy Battleship Bismarck" (W 192)

Bismarck completed in 1940 was a battleship supposed to be the center strength of the German Navy with the same type of tie pitts, but when it was launched in the line exercise strategy of May 1941, it suffered a centralized attack by the British navy main force and the first team It was decided that the final will be reached by sortie 's sortie. However, it was famous that the UK Navy Battle Cruiser Hood was sunk by a blow in this naval battle, and it was a naval battle that keeps the name of Bismarck in memory for a long time.

· The kit reproduced the bismuth of Bismarck with delicate detail. Parts that can be produced by selecting the same type of tire pitts are also included. 
· Assembled instructions for Tilpitz, color guide included 
· Etching parts such as radar, catapult, other outfitted accessories etc 
· Arado Ar 196A with 2 water polls 
· 1 entering 
· total length: about 357 mm  
· offshore / full hull model selectable  
· new Price Playback Products

· The image is a painted product assembled with an offshore model.

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