Hobby – Sho – Close! ! 

It is time for Hobi – Sho.

I am being forced to prepare.

It is a story about etching

Dos Set Sha – Bismarck Attachment to Pursuit Battle

We have two German U-BOATs.

It is VII-C and VII-B type.

VII-B is raising with the new money type.

And it is attached to detail etching etch.


What a wife! !

This time

This Fine Mold company's

Nano-dreadpart is attached. ,

There is also a pompon cannon.

You are always purchasing separately "You !!"

I will not buy it! !


It is an optional etching.

Discreetly this time ,,,,


It is the etching of Atago that finally came.

Etching is modest as it is with a deck sheet this time.

We can use Kaohsiung etched parts we released before, right?



On Friday's TBS drama "Cheer ☆ Dan"

Fujieda Akagi high school was broadcasted with real name.

I was a little noisy.

The cheerleading department seems to be nationally powerful.



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