Another Christmas Gift From MENG

Yes, we know, that you need something big as the Christmas gift. Then how about this one?


This MENG holiday product, U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK I/TUSK II Christmas Edition, has something that’s really new. This kit contains a 1/35 resin figure of a superstar in recent years. You must know him. This figure has two head part options, one with a Santa hat and the other with the iconic hairstyle. This kit also contains an M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK I/TUSK II model kit.

Hi all. Well its been another Busy week. I was hopeing to keep these new decals a little secret for a little longer as we have been working on them now for a while

But as we have some people moving in on us we have decided to let the cat out of the bag a little early. We have had loads of help from outsiders on these Like Ryan Hamilton and many others. ( Sorry Ryan to dropping your name as Ryan has been bugging me for a while to release these decals) we will releasing the first set on Tuesday now of our RAN Golden oldies series. This covers The RAN Seagull III, Wallrus /Seagull V, Sea otter, Sea Fury, Firefly’s,Gannet & Sea Venom. Each of these will be release 1 by 1 over the coming months The First now will be the Sea Fury’s then the Fireflys and so on. And yes there will be RAAF Hornets and Mirages as well mixed in.
Any way here are the cover sheets of the first two.

[3D Print] 1/72 SS-25 White Poplar with Red Star 5003 Missile Car Version

3D drawing prints poplar, strictly in accordance with the shape of the real missile, with the Red Star 5003 missile car (72 proportion is appropriately reduced, the size of the Red Star missile car is small). 
Corrected many mistakes of foreign Belcher’s poplar resin parts, such as the grid of the tail (see The figure below), the first-stage length and width ratio of the missile, the shape of the warhead, and so on. 

Coming soon

1/72 Ground Self Defense Force Observation Helicopter OH – 1 “Omega (Kisarazu Yuzuki)” Military Model Kit No. SP -Scheduled to be released in December 2018

“Oh – 1 Ninja” who received popularity reappears with special marking!

The popular game “RIKU ☆ じ あ ~ す” collaboration, we will commercialize “Kisarazu Yuzu” wrapping commonly called “Omega” wrapped at the Kisarazu Base garrison festival in 2013.

Besides a total of 4 kinds of markings, 2 kinds of past markings including “Pain Omega” from Kisarazu gymnasium which celebrates the 50th anniversary of this year, a decal containing characters of characters are attached.

【Content of inclusion recording】
“Pain Omega (Kisarazu Yuzu)” Kisarazu garrison area No. 32637 No. 2013 
“Kisarazu Air Festival 2011 Commemoration Paint” Kisarazu Garrison 32628 No. 2011 
“Development Experimental Group Flight Experiment Corps Memorial Painting” Akeno Garrison 32604 No. 2015 
” Akano garrison 61 centennial commemoration painting “Akeno garrison 32609 No. 2016 others

* The image that is published is a prototype.