Introduction of new product Velfire (White Pearl Crystal Shine) in October

Today is the new product in October

We will introduce about VELLFIRE!

New white will appear this time!

Although the product is multicolor molding and painting is unnecessary

Because the parts are divided around the same color

We have a superior parts composition for painting!

It is an appearance in response to the voice that reproduction is difficult even painting black body.

White also dominates the painting to other colorspochakkonote







Window seal will be renewed!

You can paste as it is!

You can also paint it as a mask seal!




Real seals also renewed!

The decal has become more fulfilling content!

As a bonus the notation of the hybrid car

We also recorded three types of instrument panel.

Vehicle inspection, 1 year inspection mark is a specification to paste from the back of transparent parts

Can be reproduced in real.





About the decal · seal · window frame seal

Blackbody products have been renewed to similar specifications!

Package will be newly shipped to our company on October 17.

The white package is also coolbatsumaru!


So again next time!

Get rilakkuma prototype!

Hello Sheep.


This time it is a prototype of Rilakkuma, following the last Kiroyori.

As before, the molding color is gray for trial production.


· Head parts

Like the Kiroshitri, change the shape of the hole in which the eye parts will enter

It is designed not to mistake the right and left.

· Hand parts

· Foot parts

· Internal parts of head and fuselage

· Stomach and back

· Stomach parts and nose

Two parts are set for this part and it is possible to choose two kinds of facial expressions by the seal attached.


.Fastener parts

· Inside of ears




There are two types of shapes and two kinds of expressions can be made.


· Poly cap

By using poly cap, limbs etc will move.


Is the product Rilakkuma and Kiroyori each one? (1 person and 1 one?) Are in a set.


Progressing smoothly!