I managed to ship it.

There were a couple of things,

I managed to ship it.

I bought the lower box, but that amount

There is a thoroughly molded item.

The painted figure that is contained is for reference only.

Please clear yourself – make a version.

Although it was a harsh order,

It fits smoothly into a box.

Will not you buy Chinese people in inbound?


I saw The Predator – ,,,

It's been thirty years since the first work, hey ,,

It was fun when I saw the first piece

Come, Garage kit kit brand

It should be issued in "Argono-Tsu"

I remember what I said.

It was a work made on a low budget, but it was fun! !


I do not need that last suit ,,,,,.


In Hobie – Sho –

There are things that I can show you variously.

Please wait.

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