Plastic model
Limited item
Polycarp I-16 “USSR Acess”
Scale … 1:32 
product number ……… 08256 Our company shipping … Sep. 26, 2018 release date …… 2018 09 29 days around the main price … 6000 yen (+ consumption tax)

From the Soviet army belonging machine, Ace’s airframe is reproduced. 
We will set parts made by ICM company. 
Including cockpit and engine carefully. 
The tail wing ladder and elevator are mobile.
Decal (marking)

  • Soviet Navy North Sea Fleet Air Corps 72nd Hybrid Regiment
    SG Sutzenko Sergeant “Silver 13” (Murmansk: Summer of 1941)
  • Soviet Air Force No. 7 Battle Regiment
    Vasily Galbeff Senior Lieutenant Board “White 13” (Leningrad: 1941)

Plastic model
Limited item
Nishida Nomi san with illustration patch
New decal
VF – 31C Siegfried “Makina – Nakajima Color” Theatrical Edition Macross Δ
Scale … 1:72 
product number ……… 65845 Our company shipping … Sep. 26, 2018 release date …… 2018 09-29 Body price … 4600 yen (+ consumption tax)
’82,’ 84, ’92,’ 94, ’95,’ 97, ’02,’ 15, ’17 BW 
07 BW / MFP · M 
’09,’ 11 BW / MFP 

opening image of Valkyrie 3rd LIVE “Valkyrie not betrayed” held in February of this year, 
five VF-31s of Valkyre color which Takami Hidetori was in charge of coloring design appeared as topics in the opening image of Yokohama Arena It was.


In this time, we will make 
“Makina · Nakajima color” based on pink & light blue as a kit. Special edition set tailoring 
Nakata Nomi’s direct writing illustration for Makina ‘s voice as a 


In addition, a limited-time collaboration with a smartphone game application “Song Macross” is decided! 
Complete the kit and let’s enjoy live Makina alone by AR function ♪


Package will be 3DCG illustration specification by Mr. Hideki Tenjin produced.


* Character figures are not included in the kit.

* How to play the AR function is described in the kit assembly drawing. 
* In order to enjoy the AR function, the following environment is required. (Some non-compatible models are available.) 
Android 4.4 or higher (RAM 2 GB or more), iOS 8 or higher (iPhone 5S or later) / Recommended: iOS 10 or later (iPhone 6 or later)


scheduled for embroidery type of-diameter about 9cm