Last day of September!

Good day Good evening!

Recently it is a ship that is trying to raise a ship daughter with thisosaru

In the meantime I got Kitakami at the arsenal, but Mr. Oi, my partner,

Regardless of whatever recipe it is, I will not regret visiting any waters where I come across! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Well, let me put down such a story and introduce the new products scheduled to be released in December this year on the last day of September.

Everyone, did you see the new product information for December?

Nagato is not the only one to appear in the topic NEXT series!



Ship NEXT Series No.16

Japan Navy Akizuki Type Destroyer Akitsuki / First Month Showa 19 / Operation of Kuichi

* Completely new mold with peep at the torpedo launch pipe.

~ Akizuki, the first month was completed in Showa 17 in the Maizuru Navy Arsenal, and Akizuki performed the same as general destroyers while being damaged such as losing the ship's head by a lightning stroke of a submarine.

In October 1945, both ships were assigned to the Ozawa Tactical Force including the decoy aircraft carrier Zuzuru, in order to let the main force centering on Yamato Musashi go to Leyte Island, Akizuki was attacked by air, the first month pursued the first month It fought with the US military unit and sank. ~


SunnyThe product is the 2nd ship "Akizuki", the 4th ship "first month" set.

SunnyDesign that hull and ship bottom parts are separated by a waterline so that full hull and offshore models can be selected and produced.

SunnyAll assembly methods are inlay type. (Except bonus parts for heavy users)

SunnyThe parts of the bridge window become transparent!



Fujimi's particular attention in this product is the difference expression between Akitsuki and the first month.

There are so many different places in the same type ship ~

Please come and enjoy looking for the difference between the two ships!



□ The display stand also comes □

Renewal pedestal with stability improved with new design is attached.

This is a new base available for first time production only! If turned inside out can also be used as part insert!


What do you think?

I am happy for Akizuki type fans This product is scheduled for shipment on December 25 (Christmas !!!) ~!


I will let you know when information comes inSunny


As I wrote this article, I wanted not only Mr. Oi, but also Akizuki and the first month, so I will go around the waters and collect materials!

Thank you for reading so far

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