NEW fujimi 4 Castles

Japan 100 Stamp rally of the castle It is popular.

Castle girl, history womanup

A castle boom is coming.

Our company 's Ron is in charge of Yamashiro, but I am an outstanding scholar.


In Fujimi model it is a famous series

We are commercializing 7 kinds of castles.


Since this year we have renewed the Meijo series!

A new package illustration

Revamped on a real and cool illustration ! !

Woooooooooooooooooooo ~ ~ ~ Cool ~~~! ! !

A more profound feeling when aligned.


Edo castle is a figure of Kanpan degree which is a model motif.

Edo Castle of Kanji is black! !

Black castle!

Is not it cool? What?

Like Kumamoto castle and Matsumoto castle, it seems to be strong and tight.

And also instructions, Mr. Morinaga Yo

I wrote down to you!

Commentary on the castle and a little advice on assembly.

While reading this manual, you actually go to a castle

I think that it is interesting.A lolnote

And, a new character appearing in the document

"Fujimi chan"

Actually, costumes have changed a bit at a time!

Every time Fujimi gradually repeats turns

Finer advice on model making has increased

It seems like I'm getting loud. . .

But I can forgive you because it's cuteStubborn


For the rest of Ogura castle, Osaka Castle, Kumamoto castle as well

It is planned to renewal sequentially!


When I went to the castle stamp rally,

Back home and create a castle!  !

Plamo Life Please enjoy everyone.

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