About capsule toys Tokyo hobby show participation

Were you safe from the typhoon?

I could not sleep because there was a great wind that the house would fly away.Alien



Well, I have been exhibiting at the Tokyo Hobby Show the other day.

Those who visited us, even those who could see the information on the Internet and TV, thank you.

One of the fun things in the hobby show is

It means that you can see your glittery look.hamster


I wonder if the person's face when looking at something you like is the next wonderful look after the smile.Rop year


It is a very precious time to meet with people you can not meet usually through the hobby show.PleaseVirgo



We made a capsule toy presentation.

Please see the sales schedule of 2019.Fish bone


Scheduled to launch in Jan

Scheduled to be released in May

Scheduled for the summer of 2019

Hustler Collection

JB64 is the new topic of jimny now! !

Suzuki Motor got approval for commercialization, but since the superintendent in charge has not yet been done, I applied a mosaic.Fish tailIt's from fish.Fish head



Next year also Aoshima Capsule Toy

I hope everyone will appreciate it.

Since I am going to stock items

Thank you.Hot dog leftHot dog middleHot dog right



As a digression, the last day of Sunday was due to a typhoon,

All the employees returned by charter bus.Coppépan


It was almost a snow-sleeper, but it seemed like a school excursion somehow and it felt nostalgic.Melonpan

It has not been for decades.Pugsnow


Recently, there are many natural disasters. . .

I pray that people who have suffered damage can return to a peaceful life as soon as possible.


Thank you for reading.

Well then, have a better day.Carrot

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