Another release – Tamiya 47379 ProMarkt-Zakspeed AMG Mercedes C-Class (TT-01E)

Tamiya 47379 ProMarkt-Zakspeed AMG Mercedes C-Class TT-01 Type E

The Mercedes Benz ProMark from Team Zakspeed is a reissue of the TAMIYA model from the 90s. The new version is based on the proven TT-01E chassis with all-wheel drive. The body of the C-class is equipped with many additional parts, such as mirrors, rear spoiler, windscreen wiper, chromed radiator grille and Mercedes star. The 1/10 scale TAMIYA model has a powerful torque-tuned electric motor. Highlight is also the enclosed Tamiya TBLE-02S electronic speed controller with which brushed motors and gesensorte brushless motors can be operated.

– Kit model in scale 1/10, TT-01 Type E tub frame chassis
– length: 445mm, width: 186mm
– Polycarbonate body, Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM model from the 1994 season
– Body parts: mirror, pike wing, windshield wiper, radiator grille and Mercedes star
– extensive decal sheet of the team Zakspeed with the main sponsor ProMarkt
– Rims dyed in gun-metal-encapsulated 4WD all-wheel drive
– powerful 540 torque tuned electric motor
– Independent wheel suspension front and rear, differential gear v/h, double wishbone v/h
– electronic brushless/brushed speed controller
– many tuning parts optionally available

new product! Cooper __ ___ 0 0 Blue

I entered in October.

I feel that it’s too late for another two months this yearSurprised



This time is the introduction of new products released in OctoberSurprised MarkSurprised Mark

1/24 Mini Cooper S normal use, sunroof use the selection formula isNico NicoGlitter


By the way Cooper’s body color of the package,

It is a body color called Blue 0 0 0, but do you all understand?Waterfall sweat


Cooper second generation R56 type, you can choose the presence or absence of sunroof!

Head light · grill · fuel cap · door knob · door mirror uses plated parts!


The mesh part of the front bumper adopts wire mesh!


The genuine wheel / tire is a 17-inch type,

Domestic / overseas use can be selected for handleGlitter

This is a decal.



This time I requested illustration by illustrator, and I drew a new drawing!


When discussing with illustrator,

Only in blue body color or class I was surprised to hear the story that there …Waterfall sweat

It is a body color that I asked everyone about at the beginning …

In this illustration it is Lightning Blue Metallic !


When I see a blue Cooper in the city, I am concerned about what is blueA lol

Someday I want to become a human who can understand the difference lol


1/24 Mini Cooper S Normal use, sunroof use selection formula

It is scheduled to ship on October 18A lol

AOSHIMA Completed SampleS FOR December 2018

Lamborghini Urakan Perforumte 1/24 Supercar No. 27

Urakan’s high performance model “Perforumte”

Ulakan’s high-performance model “Perforumte” which wears a dedicated aero and improves performance in all body power units and so on will be on sale. I made a new mold and reproduced the evolved style. Etched parts dedicated to perfor mante will be released simultaneously.

  • Front and rear dedicated aero, engine hood, wheel, engine parts are newly produced
  • Engine Reproduction
  • Window frame masking seal included

Detail up parts are released simultaneously with the main body. 

Takoyaki 1/24 Movement Sales No.2

1/24 Movement Sales Series is a naughty new series that fun realistically reproduces various mobile sales vehicles appearing in various scenes such as neighborhood supermarket, office town, event venue!

First of all development from Takoyakiya ♪ Now, light trucks are at hand! ! Are you more attuned? What? What?

* The image that is published is a prototype.

1/24 BLMC G / HM 4 MG – B MK – 2 ’68

How about a traditional open sport?

  • New decal
  • Plating grille & bumper
  • Soft top opening / closing selection formula
  • Plated spoke wheel
  • 14 inches 185 width tire use

* The image that is published is a prototype.

1/24 BLMC G / HN 5 D MG-B MK-3 ’74

How about a traditional open sport?

  •  New decal
  • Plating grille & urethane bumper
  • Soft top opening / closing selection formula
  • New genuine rostyle wheel
  • 14 inches 185 width tire use

* The image that is published is a prototype.